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by Jessica Dollin

Scrolling through your Insta feed doesn’t have to be all lattes and selfies. Following illustrators, aka professional sketch artists and/or painters, can help sparks a little bit of inspiration and cheer in a sometimes mundane digital world.

Instagram has become a living gallery wherein artists, specifically illustrators, can exhibit their latest works to the more than 300 million spectators who use the app. Each illustrator is a little different, not only in their artistry, but also in the types of photographs they choose to share. Some people like to share their creative process, maybe even post snaps of their kids, while others let their work speak for itself.

Check out this list of illustrators whose grams you should double tap. There’s something for everyone.

Photography by @_LAURABERGER_

@_lauraberger_ posts cheeky greeting cards with uplifting messages, and the occasional naked lady.

Photography by @KATEBINGBURT

@katebingburt paints things she sees that she likes, including but not limited to bridges, books, and Lacroix.

Photography by @MONIIQWA

@moniiqwa paints abstract water colors, patterns, and commissions from print newspapers and magazines.

Photography by @SOPHIEANDLILI

@sophieandlili draws portraits of fashionable girls, both young and old(er).

Photography by @PAPERFASHION

@paperfashion finds ways to create signature shadow dancers styled in gowns we want IRL.


@andsmilestudio turns her drawings into things like pins and coloring pages

Photography by @CATPLUSMOUSE

@catplusmouse uses editorial stills, blogger shoots, and paparazzi snaps as inspiration.

Photography by @MAYAPLETSCHER

@mayapletscher prefers simple and funny illustrations, usually using a limited color palette.

Photography by @AOLANOW

@aolanow invents water colors that tell a story, like the beauty products your favorite blogger uses to get ready in the morning.


@belindaxiaillustration favors high fashion musings.


@kimballcreative does a little bit of everything, from haute couture commissions to time lapses of her in the studio.

Photography by @BLAIRZ

@blairz is all “big lips, big hair, big lashes, and brigitte bardot,” her words, not ours.

Photography by @HATTIESTEWART

@hattiestewart has a knack for adding her personal touch to magazine covers.


@danielfrostillustration is one for the boys who also authors and illustrates childrens books.

Photography by @PINGSZOO

@pingszoo uses shapes and lines to create something distinctly original.

Photography by @ZOEMOFINK

@zoemof_ink inks out maps and landmarks.

Photography by @NINACOSFORD

@ninacosford paints portraits of famous ladies and pretty houses.

Photography by @ANNIEFREE11

@anniefree11 draws A+ doodles using highlighters.

Photography by @THINGSLIZWANTS

@thingslizwants has a flair for using graphic design to illustrate NYC realness.

Photography by @DRAWBERTSON

@drawbertson paints red lips on everything, and shows everyone what it’s like to raise twin boys.

Photography by @JEAN_JULLIEN

@jean_jullien has a silly take on current events.

Photography by @ANNA.RASTORGUEVA

@anna.rastorgueva is owner of one of the most elaborate sketchbooks ever photographed and published on the internet.

Photography by @GIRLSCANTELL

@girlscantell makes drawings come to life off the page and onto napkins, aprons, and coffee cups.

Photography by @MIDNIGHTGRACIE

@midnightgracie illustrates her life in Japan.

Photography by @SOPHIE_ROACH

@sophie_roach films herself as she draws mesmerizing doodles to a funky soundtrack.