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With the ultimate fresh start—a new decade—right around the corner, it’s likely that you have redecorating on your mind. Whether you just want to spruce up your bedroom or tackle a more substantial project, a trip to IKEA is always a good start—and, according to a 2019 report released by its U.K. branch, there’s a sustainable surface that’s geared up to be a major trend in 2020. Bamboo has become one of the retailer’s top-selling materials, and you’re going to want to bring it home, too.

Why? First, it’s versatile: You’ll find everything from sleek shelving units to woven pendants made of it. Think of bamboo as the cousin of bohemian rattan, which sits somewhere between Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism. Plus, the material is better for the environment than alternatives like oak or walnut wood. It grows faster than timber (so bamboo forests can be replenished quickly), and planting more of it helps cut down on excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider some of our favorites from IKEA, from a standing wardrobe that will help you finally organize your winter coats to a bin perfect for the weighted blanket you decided to splurge on.


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