Alert! Avoiding These IKEA Pieces Could Save Your Relationship

According to experts, these IKEA pieces are potential relationship killers.

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Even at their best, love and relationships can be hard work. You have to make an effort to make things easy. You have to take time out and plan, promise, and compromise in order to make the spontaneous, loving moments happen.

Still, for all that labor, maintaining a healthy relationship is usually easier than putting together a LIATROP television unit. Indeed, assembling that monster could undo all that work you’ve put in and destroy your living room in the process.

At least, that’s the takeaway from this handy list of the most complicated (and least complicated) pieces to assemble provided to us by the handiwork-on-demand web service, TaskRabbit. According to its “assembly experts,” the home fixtures below are the ones you want to avoid (or pick up?) if your love life matters more to you than flat-pack, minimalist Swedish furniture.

The charming little list works on the idea that the harder the piece is to assemble, the harder it will be for an otherwise cooperative, loving couple to maintain their composure and put in all those dowels without a fight. Smart and very, very true.

So, next time you’re inside the maze of your local IKEA, smelling the meatballs and contemplating couch options with your boo, ask yourself, is that sectional really worth the unraveling of your relationship? Or will you just go with the FREDDE and ride off into the sunset together.

Check out the full, fun list below.