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As you might have noticed, Emily Henderson, our favorite stylist-turned-blogger and design aficionado has purchased a new English Tudor home in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. So not only is Henderson moving and renovating this holiday season, but she’s also decorating and entertaining, which is no small feat. We caught up with the Target spokesperson to talk moving and holiday hosting tips, because we need all the advice we can get! Keep reading for five lessons we can all use.

1. If you love it, you’ll prioritize it.

When we asked Henderson how she was handling the move plus decorating and entertaining over the holidays, her response made us feel instantly at ease.

She said, “When you legitimately enjoy something so much, you just prioritize it into the juggle. Right? I’m not throwing ten course meals right now, but I love decorating for the holidays so much that I prioritize that in. And moving is also… It’s stressful, but it’s such good stress! I love purging and organizing and packing and then feeling like the only things you’re bringing to your new house is the best stuff, you’re being so intentional about everything.”

Which leads us to our next lesson…

2. Purge before you move.

Moving is tough, for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re stressing about downsizing (or upsizing!), the act of physically transporting your belongings, or a combination of one million other possible reasons, it’s good to evaluate what you’re bringing with you to your next home. Naturally, Henderson has the best tactic for deciding what stays and what goes.

“I would say everything has to fall into one of three categories: beautiful, sentimental, or functional. Now, if you have a pretty small space, then I think things should fall into at least two of those categories. And if something is all three, then it’s the perfect thing to move,” she said.

We couldn’t agree more.

3. Ask for help when it comes to making decisions.

Decision exhaustion is real, especially when you’re making so many large and small decisions in such a short amount of time, like Henderson is. So don’t be afraid to ask for second opinions and support from your team. This is especially key when it comes to the important stuff, like the more permanent designs that would cost a lot of money to change. If you’re indecisive or unsure of trends, Henderson advises staying neutral in color, classic in design, and to not be discouraged from asking one (or five) others for their thoughts on everything from cabinet colors to knob finishes.

4. Focus on how you’ll use the space.

Sure, renovating based purely on aesthetics is fun, but it’s definitely not realistic, especially when you’re trying to maximize storage and make your living area a kid-friendly one.

She said, “Everything is thought about, not just aesthetically, but how we use the space, how the kids are going to use the space, what we’re going to destroy easily, and how we can make that as durable as possible.”

In other words, form, meet function.

5. Make it easy on yourself and stick to one theme for the holidays.

Returning to the holidays, it’s really easy to stretch yourself thin and make decorating—and entertaining—more work than necessary. Thankfully, Henderson is here to remind us that not everything has to be so complicated.

When it comes to food, she recommends making easy, large batch cocktails and recipes that will serve a crowd with little fuss. For decor, simply stick with a single theme. Buy within a color palette that matches your home’s aesthetic and repeat the same theme throughout your tablescape, mantle, tree, and more.

As Henderson pointed out, Target has everything you need to make your home holiday ready—from entertaining, to decorating, and even gifting. Noted.