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Small space dwellers might dream dreams of washers and dryers,  dishwashers, or full-size fridges. But one thing that really takes real estate fantasizing over the top is a fireplace. If you don’t have one, but absolutely want one, here are a few ways to up the cozy factor in any space–even yours.  

Install A Freestanding Model

To achieve true wood burning ambiance, a freestanding fireplace is as close as you can get to the real deal – cozy feels included.  They’re available in traditional wood burning varieties, and are much less complicated to install than you would imagine.  Manufacturers do suggest hiring a local contractor for interior installations, but offer complete instructions for experienced DIY-ers.  Think you can tackle the installation yourself?  Preview the instructions for Malm’s Zircon model here.

Go Portable With Ethanol

If you like the idea of a freestanding model in a smaller size, consider a portable ethanol fireplace.  Ethanol gas is clean-burning, and the fireplace requires no gas or electric lines – meaning they can be placed anywhere in the home (inside and out).  Plus, this model provides a sleek and modern effect that will compliment any contemporary decor.  For additional information on the Tectum model, visit Ignis Products here.

Try A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

There are also a wide variety of wall-mounted fireplaces available, including gas-free electric versions.  These models work like heaters with lights that create a flame effect.  Mount to the wall and create woodburning ambiance in any room of the house, with as many features as you like – some models are remote controlled and offer flame-only heatless settings that blow cool air on warmer days.

They’re Also Available In Gas

If you prefer a real flame, wall mounted fireplaces can be found in vent-free gas models.  Installation is easy and similar to hanging a flat screen TV.  A mirrored panel enhances and radiates the flames, which produce up to 9,000 BTUs.  Available in natural gas and propane.

Go High-Tech With Built-In LED

If you’re swayed by the ultra-modern, a built-in electric LED model provides all of the ease and convenience of a hanging fireplace with a space-saving recessed design.  While the installation may seem difficult, it can easily be tackled by DIYers, but if you’re nervous about your DIY skills, hire out for professionals.  

Freestanding Electric Models Offer Vintage Charm

These semi-portable electric models have the look of an old-fashioned wood burning stove, with none of the mess or risk associated with open flame.  Units are plug and play, so there’s literally zero installation required.  And if black doesn’t suit your decor, this model is also available in brown and even white for more contemporary spaces.

Corner Models Save Space

One-stop-shop a complete fireplace ensemble with a single fireplace-mantle combo – available in corner models for homes short on space.  A solid wood mantle surrounds an electric flame with an adjustable thermostat that produces heat between 3,000 and 9,000 BTUs.  Best of all, the entire piece can be assembled with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Gas-Free Ventless For Safety 

If you’re an apartment dweller, consider this – HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces are the only ventless fireplaces approved for use in New York City.  Why?  They require no chimney, gas, or electricity, and instead rely on an ultra-safe cartridge system of clean-burning alcohol gel fuel.  When safety is of utmost importance, think gas-free ventless.

Go Anywhere With A Tabletop Fireplace

A tabletop mini-fireplace provides the most options – move it from room to room, or even outside for a fireplace experience anywhere.  Most versions utilize ethanol to create a clean-burning flame that burns up to two hours between refills.

Fireplace Apps For Your TV

For a high-tech approach, there are a variety of ways to stream a fireside experience to your TV.  Netflix’s Fireplace For Your Home is highly rated with HD video of a real blaze, complete with crackling sounds and music, if you so choose (YouTube preview here).  iTunes offers a version called A Very Cozy Fireplace HD that is available as a digital download, iOS APP, and even DVD.  The digital download is music-free, while the App can be customized with your own iTunes playlist.  For a free option (although prone to interruptions) YouTube has a selection to choose from, with and without music.

Faux Fireplace With Candles

Whether you have a non-working fireplace or none at all, a collection of candles can create authentic crackle, warmth, and glow.  If kids or pets are present, swap out for flameless.  Bonus: Keep scrolling for two ideas on creating your own DIY mantel.

Logs With String Lights

Love this idea!  Another great addition for a non-working fireplace, or simply place in a dark corner for instant ambiance.

DIY Flameless Fire Pit

For a rustic approach to creating an indoor firepit, this adorable tutorial explains everything step-by-step.

Quartz And Votives

From a distance, you would never guess that the warm glow in this fireplace was created by quartz sculptures and votive candles.  If you’re not dealing with an actual (non-working) fireplace, consider swapping votives for string lights.

Create This Wood Box Effect

A complete step-by-step tutorial explains how to create this rustic wood box effect – mantel included.  Hint: string lights create that magical glow.

Repurpose A Console Table

Look closer, and you’ll see that this modern console table is pulling double duty.  Love this modern take on a fireplace mantel!  Add a safe glow effect by mixing in string lights or a collection of flameless candles.

If You Only Need A Mantle…

Sometimes all you need is the mantel – especially come holiday time when everyone relishes the idea of decorating theirs for the season.  This tutorial by A Beautiful Mess explains how to create this modern faux-mantel that’s just perfect for dressing up year round.