how to style a bar cart

No matter what your decorating style, there’s a bar cart to match.

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Great ideas for styling your bar cart.

See creative ideas for an at-home bar and three space-saving bar carts. 

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Use trays to help you divide your bar cart into zones, and dedicate each zone to a specific bar essential. A bar that’s both stylish and organized=mission accomplished.

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Plants and diffusers are perfect small bar cart knick-knacks.

Here’s a smart tactic: Only put the

pretty liquor bottles

“] on display.

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Leave extra space on the top of your bar cart for pouring and mixing elbow room.

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Fresh flowers are a must to add beautiful aroma and color.

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Search thrift stores for stylish bar elements you can pick up for a steal.

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Matching pitchers, trays, and ice buckets make any bar cart look put together.

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Add personality to the wall behind your bar cart. Yes, guests will definitely take note (and distract them for a bit).

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If you can, display your silver and glassware near a bright light source, for some extra shine.

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Cloth cocktail napkins and fabrics are a small detail that can go a long way.

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Your bar should be built for your needs and the beverages you like to drink and serve. Check out domino’s home bar checklist here.