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mix and match cultural influences

Curating a well-traveled home means incorporating decor from a variety of countries and cultures. Select pieces that speak to you and stick with a basic color scheme for larger statement pieces when patterns are busy. To avoid a look that’s more cluttered than eclectic, keep backgrounds neutral, like this light and bright palette in (yep!) all-white.

hang an eclectic gallery wall

Artwork is a simple way to add global touches to any space. Mix and match a variety of pieces—oil paintings, portraits, and photography—to create a look that appears thoughtfully curated over time. And remember, your artwork doesn’t need to break the bank. There are many online resources for affordable pieces, or consider local resale shops for budget-friendly finds.

incorporate globally inspired tiles

Patterned tile is ideal for adding a global feel to the kitchen and bathroom, and options have never been more diverse. This glamorous black and white tile is actually painted cement, but traditional ceramic varieties are readily available in an abundance of colors and styles. Wallpaper featuring faux-tile patterns is also a less permanent solution.

layer up on texture

Layers of differing textures—from rugs to furniture to architectural elements—give the impression of a well-traveled, carefully decorated space with pieces that have been added over time. Just remember, there is a fine line between ‘collection’ and ‘chaos’, so avoid unnecessary clutter.

play with pattern

Bold patterns—especially in unexpected places—serve as statement pieces and invite conversation. This glamorous dresser has us dreaming of all of those postcard-worthy places we tag on Pinterest.

start a collection

Nothing makes a ‘curated over time’ statement like a well-organized collection on display. We’re loving these chic vintage French pitchers, but remember that not every collection will inspire a global feel. Consider vintage items, artwork, or something with international appeal, and remember to display with care and order. The color coding here is the perfect example.

tap into textiles

Textiles are ruling this glam bedroom space, with a chic French-Moroccan feel. The vintage French poster creates serious visual interest, but there’s no denying that the real star of this space is the bold pattern of that indigo blue bedding—gorgeous, graphic, and full of flair.

incorporate animal prints

Animal prints, faux taxidermy, and even faux fur elements conjure thoughts of far flung places and nature—and both are sure to add a touch of travel-chic to any space (well-traveled or not).