by Michelle Gage

Brightly colored rugs layer down this hallowed hall. Up the opulence factor by adding in a gilded mirror and crystal chandelier.

Incorporate artwork down the white walls of your hall. Adding in art lights make the collection appear much more thoughtful.


Sketches, paintings and special mementos create a stunning floor to ceiling

gallery wall

This otherwise boring wall comes to life when crawling with your collection.

Instead of hanging artwork, try applying it directly. Beautiful wallpaper transforms even the smallest of spaces.

Keep it simple by creating a small vignette in your hallway. A tiny table, lightly decorated, makes use of a small space.


A painted staircase is an unexpected twist. Here, navy acts as a neutral and needs no update any time soon.

Art is all around. Placing it on both sides of the wall and then at the end of the hall, reinforces that you are a collector at heart.

Deep blue walls make for a cozy corridor. Balanced against stark white trimmings, this spaces is far from neglected.

A lack of color can often make a space feel isolated and cold. Yet that’s not the case here. Simple pieces come together to create a cool and classic look.


A gorgeous kilim rug runs down this

narrow hallway

A popping pattern goes a long way when looking to bring style into a tight space.