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As the United States moves towards the legalization of marijuana—recreational and medical use has been legalized in eight states—a design-conscious cannabis consumer is looking to be wowed. Dispensaries are stepping up their aesthetics, and weed-related proprietors are realizing that package appeal is just as important as the product. With 4/20 just around the corner, here’s a collection of sophisticated items to help celebrate, whether you’re planning to partake or just want a hemp-infused body wash (remember, check your local laws and use responsibly).

Pax is the gold standard in vaporizers. Petite and futuristic like an Apple product, the brand’s third generation Pax 3 comes in a mirror-polished anodized aluminum shell, and the device features different “ovens” for loose leaf and concentrated matter, a full-color LED interface, and a battery can be recharged via a USB drive for on-the-go access. Over a million devices have been sold since the brand launched in 2007.

Pax 3, $274.99

Quill, a low-dose cannabis vaporizer pen, features a streamlined design made of stainless steel without any buttons. Each hit delivers about 2 mg. of THC, and the packaging glows from within due to its exterior artwork by Brooklyn-based artist Monica Ramos.

Founded by designer Glen Szabo, Lost Track Jewelry features baubles cast from weed nuggets.

Gold Marijuana Flower Ring, price upon request.

Founded by tattoo artist Scott Campbell and luxury brand expert Clement Kwan, the L.A.-based Beboe offers beautifully-packaged products with a unique blend of THC and CBD in low doses. Via a single-use sativa blend pre-filled vaporizer or sativa blend cannabis pastilles, you can expect the finest organic ingredients and natural flavors.

“We hope to further along the end of prohibition by building sophisticated products and brands to attract a more sophisticated consumer,” says co-founder Kwan. “This is what we hope will be the catalyst in forging into this new frontier.”

Beboe Vaporizer, $60; Pastilles, $25

OY-L is an all-natural, hemp-centric skincare line founded by Andrea Pierce-Naymon. The chemical and preservative-free line of plant-derived formulations only uses minerals and essential oils that boast antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and healing properties. The foundation of the OY-L brand is hemp seed oil, which is non-comedogenic and rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that hydrate the skin. The products feature minimalist black-and-white labels and come in glass bottles that can be reused or recycled.

OY-L Exfoliating Manuka Mask, $60

Creative director and artist Justin von der Fehr designs beautiful and irreverent objects under his JvdF label. For 4/20, the designer has partnered with Standard Hotels to create the JvdF/The Standard 420 set featuring a polished nickel pot disk, joint case, and lighter case (which fits a small Bic lighter) to stylishly conceal your day-to-day vices and take them with you anywhere.

Canndescent cultivates ultra-premium cannabis flowers that average 22 to 33 percent THC content in fully licensed, indoor facilities. The brand’s greenery can be purchased through California dispensaries and delivery services.

High Tea began when its founder tea guru Miriam Novalle discovered the wonders of infusing hemp CBD, which is different from marijuana, with her health-conscious line of gourmet tea blends. Each of the four flavors are available as bottled iced teas and loose-leaf tea bags contain their own unique burst of flavor with a side of calming effects produced by CBD extracts. The teas will be rolled out at stores like Fairway across New York this month.

Lowell Herb Co. is best known for making California sun-grown cannabis. Not only do they use organic fertilizer on their plants, they also steer clear of synthetic pesticides. From seed to sale, Lowell Herb Co. commits to using all-natural materials. The brand also makes bohemian cannabis crowns and bouquets.

To Whom It May is a line of cannabis-infused gourmet chocolates founded by Tomer Grassiany. The entrepreneur noticed a disconnect between the intended use of medical cannabis and the ingredients found in most edibles (think sugars, preservatives, and other unhealthy ingredients). “I wanted to create a beautiful product that offered more than its psychoactive effects,” said Grassiany. Premium ingredients include maple-smoked almond butter, raw honey, and house-made hazelnut butter.

Chocolates from $30 to $230 are available in both medicated and unmedicated varieties.

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Published on April 18, 2017

CBD For Life is a new female-owned beauty company that’s been harnessing the power of 99-percent pure CBD for skin care results. CBD is one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis, accounting for about 40 percent of the plant’s extract. The brand combines high quality CBD with essential oils and other natural ingredients to deliver some potent effects.

Pure CBD Hand and Body Lotion, $22

Lord Jones offers cannabis in the form of low dose edibles and topicals. Small-batch, single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate, fruit essences, and pure California-grown cannabis extract are combined to create a rich cocoa flavor. The brand’s wellness topicals were created to relieve inflammation and pain in muscles and joints as well as relief from rashes and other skin conditions.