Published on August 24, 2019

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The boxes have been unpacked. The new sofa has been coaxed up three flights of stairs. The box cutters and packing tape have been retired. It’s time to celebrate. Breaking in new digs definitely merits a party—and while the “welcome home!” gifts aren’t a reason to throw one (fine, not the only reason to throw one), they’re an undeniable perk. 

If summer is moving season, autumn is housewarming party season. So whether you’re knee-deep in invites or you’ve moved into your own place and need some inspiration for what to buy yourself, we polled the most stylish people we know to help out. Read on for their go-to gifts.

The Interactive Coffee-Table Book

Everyone can use top-of-the-line kitchen gadgets and appliances, but it’s the stylish and sentimental pieces that give a home soul. A coffee-table book is a timeless gift that acts as a great conversation piece. I love Pop-Up Op-Art: Vasarely; Victor Vasarely is one of my favorite artists. The cover of the book is beautiful and the content is three-dimensional, with different types of paper and pullouts. —interior designer Kelly Wearstler

The Unexpected Candle

To me, there’s no better gift to give your host than a beautiful, elegant candle. My go-to is Oud by Diptyque Paris. It’s warm, inviting, and not necessarily a typical scent one would initially gravitate toward—which is why it’s the perfect gift. It will always remind your host of you! —interior designer Josh Young

The Stylish Storage 

You can’t go wrong with a cool magazine rack. I’m all about keeping things tucked away and organized, and this leather and iron design is a real pretty way to store magazines and books. —interior designer Amber Lewis

The Entertaining Staple

A platter for entertaining! As someone who loves to host, cook, and entertain and also has a deep-rooted love of design and aesthetics, I find that a gift that marries function and beauty is always well received. This one looks equally beautiful styled on the counter or tabletop, which is a win-win. —author and designer Athena Calderone

The Snow-Day Sidekick

We love untanned leather mitts, which patina with age, becoming more beautiful with every use. Paired with spicy hot chocolate from Vosges and the cutest little Kobenstyle cocoa pot, this gift will keep everyone cozy in the chilly months to come. —StudioDB’s Britt and Damian Zunino

The Elevated Everyday Essential

I love giving cloth napkins as housewarming gifts because one can’t have too many, they’re eco-friendly, and you don’t need to worry about matching someone’s decor perfectly. Pair a set or two with a lovely wooden spoon or a favorite chocolate bar for an extra-special gift. —Sunday/Monday founder Nisha Mirani

The Mood-Setter

I love to give our cedar ceramic diffuser. It’s not only a beautiful decorative accessory, but it also provides a warm and inviting fragrance around the house. In my own home, I place one on an entry hall table or on top of coffee-table books in the living room.” —designer Jenni Kayne

The Vessel They Wouldn’t Buy for Themselves

I like to bring people a vase more often than not. Something I picked out recently was this little guy from LRNCE. I love it because it’s unique, memorable, and something that most homeowners wouldn’t think to purchase after they have financially exhausted themselves with moving into a new space. —interior designer Tali Roth

The 6 a.m. Pick-me-up

I just got this toast lamp from a Japanese company called Pampshade. The designer hollowed out bread, encased the outside in resin, and inserted a light. They are incredible, and I think anyone with a new place would love to have one on their bedside table.”—Dusen Dusen founder Ellen Van Dusen

The Thanksgiving VIP (Aside From the Turkey)

This carving set is perfect for someone who likes to entertain. The line of cutlery is handmade in New Mexico by a family-owned business. The craftsmanship is exquisite, and I love their use of beautiful materials like mother-of-pearl, onyx, and malachite. Mociun founder Caitlin Mociun

The Life-Changing Read 

My favorite gift is a paperback called Give a Sh*t by Ashlee Piper. This extraordinary book contains tips for approaching each room to make it more eco-friendly and low-waste. In an era of climate crisis, it’s refreshing to start out your life in a new home or apartment with healthier habits for the planet. —blogger and consultant Whitney Leigh Morris

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