Published on October 15, 2020

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If it feels like everyone’s changing locations right now, whether it’s into a cheaper apartment, back in with their parents temporarily, or even across the country—it’s because they actually are. More than a fifth of American adults say they moved (or know someone who has) due to the pandemic, according to Pew Research

The data not only indicates a seismic shift on how we’re all living, it also means you’re about to give a whole lot of housewarming gifts. The trick, though, is to present your relocating loved ones with something they’ll actually need once the moving van pulls out of the driveway. No more candles, okay? Here are 14 pretty and practical places to start.

For the Bar 

Unpacking. Is. Stressful. A bottle of tequila—or a stylish mixer—takes the edge off and looks stylish on a bar cart, too. 

For the Bathroom

No one in the history of the world has ever been able to locate their hand towels on moving day. Combine striped linens with a shiny new bottle of hand soap (equally essential these days), and you’re golden.

For the Bookshelf

An empty home is a blank canvas. Help your friend pull theirs together with a little bit of decorating inspo via these two design books. 

For the Coffee Table

A cute box of matches and a hand-thrown tray for holding jewelry and keys are the kind of items that add personality to just-out-of-the-box new furniture.

For the Dining Room

Even if they’ll be eating takeout for the foreseeable future (at least until they organize the kitchen boxes), a few tabletop essentials can make even pizza nights feel extra-fancy. 

For the Kitchen

Stock your friend’s cooking space with tools that feel special (a cutting board made from recycled plastic and a ceramic-coated nonstick pan)—but will also be used on a daily basis.

For the Utility Closet

Win brownie points for life by bringing over planet-friendly cleaning supplies: The broom is plastic-free and the spray bottles are refillable. Either one would be an underrated—yet so appreciated—present.

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