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Fall’s floral scene comes rather untraditional in form – think a more fearless approach to the classical motifs, riddled with vibrant color pairings and eccentric design.

Here, interior and textile designer Julie Yülle‘s wallpaper imparts this elegant nook with a refreshing and modern element. Paired against a soft gray surround, the saturated tones of the print naturally stand out.

Boho glam is all about refining the free-spirited decor aesthetic. This carefully curated space embodies the style by combining an array of textures and materials to form one seriously stunning living room. When it comes to patterns, we’re looking to the exotically-sourced floor pieces for major inspiration. Note how the intricate details of each rug pay subtle tribute to the furnishings and decorative accents of the area.

Image Jeff Mindell for Light Lab

We’re head over heels for this color-filled and Moroccan-inspired rug! Its eclectic use of color and unapologetic take on texture and pattern will establish a unique and visually defined quality to just about any space!

Transition the decor of your home into the new season by incorporating decorative accents that channel the classic color palette of the season. As far as prints and patterns go, think the more eclectic, the better! Opt for pieces with a more textured finish, and layer them atop a defined surface.



Life imitates art with this inspired vignette, where a single magnolia branch manages to effortlessly channel the nature-inspired backdrop. Install a similarly-patterned wallpaper to your space – preferably a spot that comes with natural light. We’re loving the subtle elegance of this green print paired with the veined marble counters.

As far as wallpapers go, think outside the box. Experiment with a pattern you would otherwise deem “too much” by incorporating it within a minimally decked space that’s lacking luster. The black and white graphic print not only helps accentuate the colors of the room, it also manages to set the perfect backdrop for the area.


Custom, Sarah Sherman Samuel

Give your plants a stylish update by opting for a more playful approach to the pottery and vessels. Think of it as an effortlessly easy way to integrate more color and daring styles into your space.


Atelier Bingo

We’re totally counting velvet as a print, especially this chic and distressed version! There’s something so romantic about a luxe velvet furnishing paired with a moody backdrop. Incorporate the texture into a space that may otherwise lack color or character, for an added layer of visual depth.



Inspired by Matisse’s signature prints, we’re seeing a number of clever takes on the pattern with bright colors and whimsical motifs. The versatility of the design allows it to work throughout a home – walls, upholstery, table linens, and more!

Pattern by Elsa Boch

In case you haven’t noticed, gridded patterns are making quite the statement this year. Our favorite take on the trend comes complete with bright splashes of color within the print.

Bring the gridded effect into your space in the form of a wallpapered accent or bedding. We’re loving the unique element this sheet set contributes to the whitewashed finish of this contemporary space. Complement the look with a subtle pop of color in the form of greenery and a floor piece that comes in a natural material.

Mix and match unexpected patterns! Opt for a complementary color scheme to keep the space cohesive, and layer in furnishings that borrow a common hue from at least one of the prints.

Custom wallpaper

Sarah Sherman Samuel Image Jeff Mindell for Light Lab

Taking cues from our favorite works of art, we’re seeing a major rise in furnishings that feature the brushstroke effect. Think of it as a seamless method of integrating a more bold use of color into your space, plus a good excuse for decorating with a more developed palette.



Outfit the little ones’ space with a playful pattern in the form of mod wall clippings. This colorful bunch manages to steal the spotlight in this contemporary playroom, filled with bright colors and an eclectic array of patterns!