5 things to bring to a holiday party that has everything

take the guess work out of attending holiday parties for good with a creative gesture.

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Attending holiday parties are probably one of our favorite things about the season. What’s not to love about good company, tasty food, and homemade cocktails? If you’ve RSVP’d to a holiday party recently—that you’re sure is going to have everything—opt for a creative gift that will not only wow your hostess, but impress everyone in attendance.

peppermint ice cream

Bring out the kid in everyone with some festive ice cream. Not the overly-pink version, the actually minty one that pairs perfectly with an after-dinner affogato and yummy chocolate glaze. If you’re pressed for time, skip the homemade version and grab a few small pints of unique flavors at your local grocer on the way to the party.

champagne + pom seeds cocktail

Even though the party has EVERYTHING, elevate the predictable champagne bottle carry-on, by bringing two bottles and infusing them with fresh pomegranate seeds.

rosemary tree

Currently, the $10 tree (found at Whole Foods) operates to serve two functions. 1) a cute, little festive holiday decoration, and 2) a seasonal aromatic offering for your guest’s home— that they’ll be able to cook with, too. A winning combination if you ask us.

homemade irish cream

Sure Bailey’s is an easy go-to, but win everyone over at the party by bringing some homemade Irish cream. Perfect for spiking some nog or sweetening after-dinner coffee.

playing cards

Whether playing games at a party sounds antiquated or not, no one can turn down a competitive opportunity. Show up with sleek set of cards to make the fun last well into the evening.