under $30 hostess gifts nobody else will bring

21 out-of-the-box gift ideas.

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Fact: The holiday season is coming. It’s hard to imagine, but summer will quickly fade to fall, which will fade into feasting at various holiday meals… and don’t even get us started on holiday parties! Truthfully, we LOVE the holidays. A packed holiday calendar sounds like fun to us, but we wouldn’t dare show up empty handed. There’s no better way to show family and friends just how much they mean to you, and how much you appreciate their invitation, than with a thoughtful hostess gift.

No matter how many bottle openers one has, that number is never enough for a holiday party—however calm or rowdy the crowd is.

Let’s face it—shots happen during the holiday season. Class it up a bit with a set of chic, Himalayan salt shot glasses. Your hosts will need them.

You can’t not love these mini alphabet cookie cutters. They’re fun for kids and adults alike and allow for a more creative sugar cookie baking session.

Key word: Recovery. Between heading to a million parties, attempting to work out, keep up at work, and more, everyone will need a few relaxing moments in the tub to relax, recharge, and recover.

Bring cookies on your cake platter and you’ll be a host-favorite.

Fill with your host’s favorite spirit for a more personalized gift. They’ll appreciate the extra thoughtfulness, the trendy metal flask, and the booze, of course.

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love with cute little color blocked bars of soap. There’s nothing better than introducing friends and family to your favorite brands in the form of an affordable, useful gift.

Coasters are another party shortage that will come back to haunt hosts. Bring along coasters you know go well with your host’s decor and put them to good use immediately!

You know which parties will appreciate your tic tac toe shot board. Gift and get playing!

Chances are, the party you’re attending isn’t the only one your hosts will ever throw. Gifting chic, seasonal serving accessories will help them out at both their current and future bashes!

Shiny confetti pops are always fun to pop. Unfortunately for your hosts, they’re not so fun to clean up. Whether these confetti popsicles are detonated the night of the party—or saved for the start of the new year—they’ll get used.

Don’t forget about the kids! If you’re attending a party of a couple who has a little one, bring along something for them. If the party is “adults only”, chances are they’re with a baby sitter feeling major #fomo that their parents are hanging out without them.

Bringing along a beauty product you can’t survive the winter months without will mean so much more than your favorite bottle of wine. Though that would also probably be well-received…

Infusing your water and alcohol makes drinking that much more tasty. Gift your culinary-inclined friend or family member this book full of recipes for creating naturally infused beverages.

Early morning flights during the holiday season are the worst—except for when you have a carry on Bloody Mary mix in your bag. Yes, seriously.

Bonus points for bringing your host’s favorite florals in the vase!

Gift a cheeky key tag to your friend voted most likely to lose their keys. Hopefully this will help them hold onto them this holiday season!

Again, serving trays and bar accessories are always put to good use over the holidays. A gift like this mirrored tray can be put to use at the party as well as in the future.

Though we’ve never met anyone who needs a reminder to eat more pizza, we love the messages on these Three Potato Four pennants. Give someone you love the “love you so much” felt pennant for a small reminder this holiday season.

Because birthdays fall over the holidays, too. Gift to someone who you know is celebrating another year in the books over the holidays, they’ll be happy you remembered!

Nothing goes better with fresh off the griddle pancakes like spicy syrup does. Pairs well with holiday party hangovers.

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