Meet the Sandals That Just Decided Our Summer Color Palette

Hay teamed up with a cult shoe brand.
colorful sandals in the grass

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Hay just revealed the collection of the summer—and it has nothing to do with furniture. The Danish company is launching a limited-edition collaboration with cult footwear brand Suicoke, officially available on May 15. While, unfortunately, the color-blocked sandals will only be shoppable at Hay’s flagship Copenhagen store for now (though it plans to expand availability for international buyers at a later date; keep your eyes peeled), there is one element design fans everywhere can immediately take away. We’re talking, of course, about the palette. 

The three versions of the shoe each include some configuration of the retailer’s current core shades: deep red, cornflower blue, lavender, peach, and mint green. Per a press release, they all hold specific meaning—the purple, for example, conveys poeticism, while the scarlet is about celebrating the eclectic. They represent Hay’s 2020 summer color palette, and luckily they are easy to translate into decor, too.

Cornflower Blue

Somewhere between denim and aqua, this hue is like the cooler younger cousin of navy. It still feels timeless, but with a summery upgrade: Pick up a new sofa, complete with beachy mango wood, to lighten up your living room. 

Rosy Lavender 

This pinky purple is best enjoyed in small doses—like Hay’s paper-thin mini glasses. They’ll be a staple in your warm-weather bar cart all season long. 

Deep Red

There are so many ways to use this candy cane–esque room divider: As a makeshift headboard, to liven up your all-white bedding, or even as an office pinboard. Paired with lighter colors and natural materials, crimson doesn’t have to be purely autumnal. 

Pale Peach

Recruit this ’70s-inspired piece for all your outdoor needs. Spread it out in the backyard for a picnic, or wrap up in it for chilly nights on the patio. 

Mint Green

According to Hay, this subtle tone is basically a neutral…so go ahead and use it as one. When you’re not cooking with them, pull one of these bowls as an easy centerpiece; we’re partial to filling the dishes with fresh fruit for an edible accent. 

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