an inspired event series by HATCH

an evening of art and style with kim mccarty & hatch!

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photography by MARKO JOKIC

We already hold HATCH close to our hearts. To swaddle ourselves solely in beautiful, thoughtful, comfortable fabrics forever would truly be a dream. Now we’ve found even more reason to love the brand. The HATCH Curators’ Series, running from now until June 2016, highlights inspiring female creators (and mothers!) in HATCH’s breathtaking space. (Which you’ll see more of in our upcoming issue)! We spoke with HATCH founder Ariane Goldman and featured artist Kim McCarty to learn more about this impactful collaboration. Read on and explore stunning photos of Kim’s work, on display at HATCH’s most recent series event.


WHAT INSPIRED THE EVENT? Kim’s work is such an amazing compliment to our new HATCH space–open, washed in light–that it seemed like a natural focus to celebrate her work as we launch our first HATCH Curators’ Series on the concept of HOME. The Series highlights incredible women in different realms who can inspire and educate our readers on the HATCHland blog.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE MOMENT FROM THE EVENING? There was this moment at the end of the evening, after the wine was poured and Kim’s incredible pieces had settled onto our walls and into our world, and I just thought, “I’m so lucky…” I feel very honored to have Kim’s talent be present in our space.

WHY DO YOUR TWO AESTHETICS WORK SO WELL TOGETHER, ARE COMPLIMENTARY, AND MADE FOR A LOVELY EVENT? Kim is an extraordinary person, and her friends and admirers were wonderful and I think found more to love among the HATCH surroundings, as both Kim’s work and our collections are subtle and laidback, yet punched with powerful shapes and angles that come into focus and make you feel inspired. Like everything I design, I think Kim’s art makes you feel comfortable, happy and energized. That’s what it’s all about.


HOW DID THE EVENT COME ABOUT? Ariane contacted me about starting a forum of creativity and if I’d be a part of it. Her new work space is large enough and gorgeous for such special projects

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE MOMENT FROM THE EVENING? The amazing coincidence on how so many of my collectors are also part of the Hatch community. This was unexpected for both of us.

WHY DO YOUR TWO AESTHETICS WORK SO WELL TOGETHER? THEY ARE COMPLIMENTARY, AND MADE FOR A LOVELY EVENT. Certainly we share the “female identity” in our work. However with a minimalist, refined approach. Also I believe we strive for classic versus the trend of the season.