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Welcome to 10 Things, where we ask our favorite creatives and tastemakers to share what brings joy to their lives (because it might enhance yours, too).Twins Byron and Dexter Peart founded the eco-conscious, artisan-championing online shop Goodee in 2019. Based out of Montreal, they aim to “work exclusively with artisans and products that make a strong social or environmental impact” through the brand’s own designs as well as curated ethical goods sourced from makers around the globe. Here, they share the 10 things that make them happy, from Domino‘s Summer issue. 

DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_CHAIR
Charlie Chair by Ecobirdy, Goodee ($199)

What better way to introduce kids to sustainability than with a chair crafted from recycled toys?


DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_BELIZE
Matachica Resort and Spa, Matachica Resort and Spa

The colors and textures of Belize’s Matachica Resort (which we redesigned) brings as much joy as the Belizean people themselves.

DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_BOOK
Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams by Klaus Klemp, Amazon ($53)

As dedicated disciples of Dieter Rams’s “10 Principles of Good Design,” we are constantly inspired by this tome.

Window Textile by Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn

No trip to Stockholm is complete without a visit to home emporium Svenskt Tenn. We get lost in the fabric room with its dozens of archival prints.

DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_BAG
Bassi Market Tote, Goodee ($199)

A carryall that does double duty, from office to farmers’ market, and is handmade by refugees in Italy, who can use our support now more than ever.


DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_ALBUM
Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, Amazon ($8)

Miles Davis’s trailblazing record, at the top of our playlists for decades, sets a pitch-perfect calm, cool, and collected mood.

DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_VEJAS
V-10 Sneakers, Veja ($141)

There’s no need to trade comfort for style with these classic, responsibly produced sneakers.

DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_DRAWING
“Embrace, 2018” by B.D. Graft, Artsy, Artsy

We discovered young German artist Brian de Graft’s seemingly childlike yet masterfully precise works on Instagram.

DM0620_10 Things_HR_10THINGS_BASKET
Pakurigo Basket by Baba Tree, Goodee ($200)

These woven baskets, hand-sculpted by female artisans in Ghana, are one of our go-to gifts.


DM0620_10 Things_87122107-huge
Habitat 67, Habitat 67

Having always lived close to each other, we both chose Habitat 67—Moshe Safdie’s modular masterpiece—to call home.

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