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Whether you’re trying to practice a healthier lifestyle or the doc recently prescribed a ‘no gluten’ regimen, rest assured you CAN participate in all the yummy treats of the holiday season without sacrificing taste (or texture).

(The cookie situation to your left is from the Flourless cookbook.)

banana bread One-bowl banana bread you could—quite literally—make it in your sleep. With three bananas, some spices, and a mix of sugars, a warm and hearty loaf of banana bread awaits you. Perfect for Christmas morning, amiright?

pumpkin tart Ok, you’re probably drooling over Oh Ladycakes’ site right now, but before you go down a (mouthwatering) rabbit trail, do yourself a favor and make her spiced pumpkin tart in lieu of a traditional pumpkin pie for Christmas dessert. Don’t bother sharing that it’s gluten free—no one will be able to tell the difference anyway.

lemon verbena macarons Ok, ok, so macarons are the holy grail of Parisian dining—that in which us American’s have quickly hopped on said French dessert train—but, making them isn’t as gruesome as it sounds. Opt for a fresh lemon verbena flavor; paired perfectly with a warm cup of herbal tea.

blackberry corn cake If it’s a chilly night and you’re craving chili (no pun intended), or your sweet grandma has asked you to bring a dish to share at Christmas dinner, go for a sweet and savory take on cornbread. Don’t forget the honey!

white lentil risotto We’re throwing a savory dish in there just to make you believe being gluten free isn’t as terrible as it sounds. Whether you’re headed to a friend’s house for dinner or you’re trying to impress your s.o.’s parents, warm and creamy white lentil risotto will win over just about anyone.

hazelnut brownies There’s not much more to say than: Brownies. Hazelnut butter brownies, to be exact. Oh, on top of that, they’re dairy free, AKA, guilt free. Or, at least we’d like to think so.

mini corndogs If you’ve been gluten free for more than five minutes we can think of a few things you’re probably missing most these days, one of which being a tasty corndog—yes they contain flour. Satisfy your craving with some mini (gluten-free!) corndogs and pair with only the best ketchup; Sir Kensington’s.

caramel bars Dark chocolate covered (pumpkin) caramel bars are perfect in every way. Serve frozen with hot coffee after dinner or before you bust out the board games with some of your closest friends.

blue banana pancakes Forget the store bought stuff, not all pancake mixes are created equal. Trade in your less-than-original counterpart with fresh blueberries and mashed bananas for a sweet take on Christmas morning brunch.

rum bundt cake No one said you’d have to sacrifice alcoholic beverages when you began to eat gluten free. (Except for beer, don’t drink that!). However, you totally can have a super moist and flavorful rum bundt cake garnished with a rum butter sugar glaze. YUM.

fudgy walnut cookies Fool just about anyone into thinking fudgy chocolate cookies have to be chock-full of gluten. Lightly toasted walnuts, confectioners sugar, and powdery cocoa combine to make the ultimate cookie, with people asking, “so how exactly did you make these?”

soft gingersnaps Your aunt just has asked you to bring cookies for Christmas Eve dinner—so the kids can leave them out for Santa— but the holidays are all about giving right? Give yourself (and everyone around you) a spicy treat full of gingery goodness and smooth molasses.