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The wellness industry pumps $4.2 trillion into the global economy annually—and it’s continually growing. Today, we’re finding newer, better ways to take care of ourselves, as our definition of and method for wellness are constantly evolving. Now, an annual report by the Global Wellness Summit predicts which wellness trends are set to revolutionize our daily habits in 2019, and the findings are pretty surprising.

Nature is a big theme throughout the report, as it points to the outdoors as an increasingly popular prescription for both physical and mental health—largely since more and more people live in urban areas, where nature isn’t totally accessible. In addition, “wellness tourism” will seek to combat areas that have become overcrowded by traditional tourist locations, instead offering options for visitors that involve nature: think natural spring baths and forest tours.

New technology and increased accessibility to genetic testing will lead people to opt for more personalized diets as well because ultimately, maybe Whole30 just isn’t the right option for you. Meditation is also set to increase in popularity, but as it does, those who embrace the practice will become more informed about different types of meditation. The remaining predictions suggest an increase in wellness-driven fashion, health-conscious fragrances, a “death-positive” moment that seeks to reframe funeral rites, and a wellness boom in China.

Even as wellness continues to evolve, these trends—grounded in science and research—are sure to give people at least a few tools they need to feel their best.

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