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After a Valentine’s Day filled with secret love notes, heart-shaped candies, and cuddling, it’s time you and your significant other return to business as usual. Looking for a polite way to encourage your partner to roll back over to their side of the bed? Ford has come up with a clever solution.

Inspired by their lane-keeping technology, the car company has created a smart bed prototype that uses conveyor belt technology to keep selfish sleepers in their proper place. According to Ford Europe’s blog page, the “Lane-Keeping Bed” uses a revolving mattress and pressure sensors to spot when a bed mate has strayed from their side and gently rolls them back into place.

courtesy of ford europe

“We move unconsciously during the night,” shares sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley in the video. “We make 12 to 20 major positional changes and sleep deprivation is a problem to our physical and emotional health.”

The smart bed is a part of a larger series of Ford Interventions, which has included other life-hacking products like a noise-canceling kennel and a crib that replicates car rides. While it’s only just a prototype, the Lane-Keeping Bed offers hope to couples who spend more time tossing, turning, and unapologetically shoving each other to the bed’s edge than they do actually sleeping.

We can’t think of a more romantic gesture.

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