15 floral fragrances to ring in spring

spring sprouts early with fresh, floral fragrances.

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by Liz Thompson

Hoping winter is on its way out? Us too! We switch up our wardrobes and beauty kits for the change of season, time to do the same with your personal fragrance. Move the warm, spicy scents over and make way for something lighter, fresher, and undeniably spring-worthy.

Lake & Skye Epic Love

We see romance in your future with a floral meets earthy perfume. All natural oils hold aphrodisiac properties and are said to open the heart chakra. Love is definitely in the air.

Brook Farm General Store Eau de Parfum – Wilde

The stuff dreams are made of. Fresh fruit, light carnation, subtle tea, and musky greens blend to create this complex scent. Perfect springtime inspo.

Lake & Skye Wildflower

Like walking through a field of wildflowers after a spring rain. Sound cliché? Maybe, but this scent is so clean, light, and temptingly fresh, you’ll be tip toeing through the tulips too.

Marble & Milkweed Perfume Serum No. 1

Not willing to give up on warmer scents entirely? This oil blend beauty mixes spicy and sweet for the perfect seasonal transition. A heart of jasmine is balanced with pepper, vanilla, and balsam.

Lake & Skye Jasmine Floral Water

No spring break this year? No problem. The essential oils used to make this jasmine scented perfume are said to inspire an upbeat outlook on life. Go on and spritz your way to a happy mood.

Violet & Lark Perfume Oil

Having trouble choosing one scent? This exquisite selection of essential and fragrance oils offers aromas of violet, lilac, lavender, lemon, and jasmine. All budding beauties.

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum

Splendid aroma and dreamy moisturizer in one. That’s what you get with this delicate and nourishing gardenia scented body oil serum. All natural ingredients and a healthy dose of antioxidants to protect the skin. A two-for-one that is pure luxe.

Hand in Hand Soap Espere Collection Jasmine Bath Salt

Indulge in a springtime sensory experience with these luscious bath salts. Soothe, detox, and leave skin lightly scented with jasmine. A floral experience no matter what the weather is doing.

The Soap & Paper Factory Tuberose Hand Cream

Natural ingredients. Luxuriously smoothing. Romantic modern package. This hand cream is not only softening and beautifully scented, but pretty enough to display. May we suggest one for the bathroom shelf, another for your nightstand, and a tube to toss in your bag?

The Soap & Paper Factory Bubble Bath Neroli

An orange blossom infused bubble bath? Yes, please. Let voluptuous bubbles cleanse skin and carry winter woes away, all wrapped up in a lovely apothecary style bottle.

Peacock Perfumerie Allure Bath Salts

Like peach melba with no calories. This therapeutic bath experience offers lush scents of peach, rose, and creamy vanilla. Yum!

Graybill & Downs Peony Boule de Neige Hand & Body Lotion

Stuck in an office all day? You may not be seeing much daylight and fresh air during the week, but your olfactory system doesn’t have to know that. The gorgeous Peony Boule de Neige is at the heart of this intoxicatingly fragrant lotion. Add in citrus, dianthus, and greens for a petal perfect blend.

Violet & Lark Bath Salts

Relax and unwind with Epsom and sea salts infused with dried organic flower petals of rose, lavender, and corn flower. A flourishing spring bouquet for the senses.

Soul Sunday No Worries | Aromatherapy Oil

Personal fragrance takes on new meaning when utilizing aromatherapy oils. Uplifting citrus oils buoy mood, instill clarity of mind, and inspire creativity. Use alone or to complement to your favorite perfume.