This Scent Will Help You Fall Asleep Instantly

Forget breathing exercises and digital detoxing—a great night’s sleep might be an aromatherapy product away.

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We all know that lavender is the go-to scent for nighttime relaxation, but why do we spritz, slather, and spray it with wild abandon as opposed to, say, jasmine? The answer is that many of our body’s physiological functions, i.e., blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and organ functioning must slow down in order for us to fall asleep and progress through different sleep stages, Night Pillow co-founder Kalle Simpson says. “Research (see this study and this study) suggests that lavender fragrance affects the human body by decreasing cortisol level, blood pressure, and heart rate,” she explains. This creates the state of relaxation needed to achieve rest. “Lavender fragrance can be especially beneficial for people dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress to combat the elevated levels of cortisol and high blood pressure and heart rate that can lead to disrupted sleep quality and insomnia,” Simpson notes. Here, a roundup of the best lavender-scented products to help usher you into a deep, restorative sleep.


Shower Cream

Francophiles long familiar with this apothecary-chic French brand rejoice: it’s now available stateside and at your local drugstore! This lavender-scented shower cream is hydrating and works just as well in the bath for an evening wind-down relaxation session.

Le Petit Marseillais Extra Gentle Lavender & Honey Shower Cream, $3.99


Bath Salts

Shake these aromatherapeutic salts into your bath or even your shower before hopping in for an intensive calming effect. Made with pure, natural thermal brine salt and potent lavender essential oil, it helps with mental and physical fatigue.

Kneipp Lavender Mineral Bath Salts, $20



With 35 hours of burn time, this soy candle will jazz up a bathroom or bedroom, priming you for sleep. Bonus: the adorable jelly jar packaging makes it a great gift for a new parent or anyone who could use a few more Zs.

Mrs. Meyers Lavender Candle, $9.99



Incorporate lavender into your facial skin care regimen! Made with geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, and vegetable glycerin, this gently foaming cleanser addresses excess oil while washing away impurities. The antibacterial herbal formula even works well to calm rosacea-affected skin.

Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser, $39

Home Spray

Why shouldn’t housework be relaxing? Spray counters and bathroom fixtures with this nontoxic, antibacterial spray to impart scent while removing odor. Infused with bergamot, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, and ylang ylang, it’s an elegant way to kill germs and summon a Zen feeling via scent.

The Laundress Home Spray, $12


Pack lavender into your perfume and spritz a little before bed for a dreamy drydown. Designed by master perfumer Nathalie Benareau, this scent is a romantic floral blend of peony, mandarin petals, and lavender with amber and creamy sandalwood mid-notes for subtle warmth and gravitas.

Pinrose Lil’ Dipper Perfume, $65


Body Splash

Soothing and warm, this body splash blends the aroma of clean laundry with floral melange of blooming jasmine and lavender flower. Use it on yourself or spritz onto your pillowcase and sheets for the sweetest of dreams.

Clean Eau Fraiche In Fresh Laundry & Lavender, $48


Hand Cream

Keep this chic silver tube on your night stand and slather some on before bed for a pampering, perfumed moment before drifting off to sleep. Its smooth, light texture is quickly absorbed, thanks to the shea butter formula, which gently nourishes while imparting a soft scent.

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream, $12

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Published on April 30, 2017