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Need a little afternoon pick-me-up? Feeling a bit sluggish? Well, we have an unexpected solution for you. Every afternoon at just about 3 pm, a handful of our Domino editors give themselves a much needed boost from the long workday. But their natural way to refresh midday is via a rather surprising practice, which they swear brightens up their afternoon slump—sans-caffeine. Enter: the practice of facial misting for a mid-afternoon jolt of refreshness (plus some added skin benefits).   Kristin Limoges, our wellness editor, started the in-office daily spritz trend as a quick way to give her skin some added TLC from dryness or potential irritation, but says that the awakening act of receiving a cooling splash in the afternoon was a serious added bonus, too.   “I use it not per se as an entire awakening midday but more of a boost to my face, and mood,” says Limoges. “Is it as energizing as a cup of coffee? No, not at all. But does it feel better and more refreshing than a cup of coffee? Hell yes.” And certain mists can add a major dose of hydration to dried-out-from-the-AC-on-OD skin. “A cooling burst of mist can naturally enliven both your skin and mood,” she says. “It’s a win-win.”    The spritz trend caught on quickly in office, though. Cyrus Ferguson, our head of reader experience, says he’ll give himself a mist pretty much anytime his face is feeling overly dry or heated, and especially when his energy is slumping and attention feels scattered (long days behind a desk can get you like that). “It’s like getting splashed with water in the face, but in a gentle, cooling, cucumber-scented (in the case of my personal spritz) way,” he says.      “I personally hit an energy slump between 2 and 3 pm most days. Sure, I could caffinate, but then I’m in danger of throwing off my sleep schedule,” says Ferguson. “I find that spritzing at this time helps me refocus, and also serves as a communal morale-booster, as my deskmates and I spritz together in a practice we’ve dubbed “spritz-o-cloc.”

That midday slump has some science behind it, too. Especially if you’re a sweets lover who downs empty sugar and carbs in the morning, you’re likely to experience that “slump” later in the day when your blood sugar levels dip. While facial misting isn’t going to actually provide your body with the kind of wake-up call that ingesting caffeine does, the practice does seem to seriously rejuvenate. And we’ve got a few favorites.   “I love all mists, but a particular few have my heart,” says Limoges. Make Beauty Succulent Mist ($25) is fabulous, non-sticky feeling, and has cactus extract to majorly hydrate. Also, Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner ($32) is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. “It has hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, and sage (to name a few) to hydrate and refresh skin,” says Limoges. “But what makes it especially fantastic is the spritzer itself, it releases a powerful, heavy dose of toner that feels insanely refreshing. I do it morning and night before moisturizing, but mid-day (especially with their travel size in my purse) feels incredible, too.”

So whether you spritz your entire face with one swift circular motion, or do it in short, vertical spurts, there’s not one right way or product to mist your visage. You might just want to pick up the best facial mist for you, and give our favorite office ritual a try for yourself. Our editors swear it will benefit both you, and your skin.

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