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The Mini Fridge Has Been Reimagined—Here Are 3 Unexpected Spots You Can Put It

It can even fit in your bedside table.
bathroom with color blocked cabinets

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When you buy a refrigerator, odds are you’re going to put it in the kitchen. That’s where the appliance is supposed to go, right? According to interior designer Leyden Lewis, though, a fridge shouldn’t be limited to the cooking zone—at least as far as the mini kind goes. In partnership with appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel, Lewis is encouraging customers to think outside the box with its latest launch: the CoolDrawer. The fridge can slot into any 36-inch-wide standard cabinet (the unit itself is 33 inches wide and 21 inches deep). Plus the option for custom paneling allows it to blend into any backdrop and effectively disappear. Here are three not-so-obvious spots in your home where you absolutely should place a refrigerator drawer. 

In the Bathroom

The CoolDrawer’s variable temperature zone (there are five different mode settings, from freezer to chill) ensures your eye roller is always optimized for depuffing and can help extend the shelf life of your nightly moisturizer. “It’s such a sexy option for storing skin-care and beauty products that need to be refrigerated,” says Lewis.

In the Nightstand

With both an upper tray and tall, lower bin, you can fit both perishable snacks and bottles of water in the unit. That way, when you need to quench your thirst (or your rumbling stomach is keeping you up) at 2 a.m., you can get what you need fast and then doze back off to sleep. 

In the Closet 

Sure, no one needs a fridge in their closet or dressing room, but now isn’t the time for rational thought. Think about getting ready for a night out and pulling out a perfectly chilled bottle of wine without ever leaving the room.

CoolDrawer, Fisher & Paykel

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