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It’s coming. We’re all about to roam around the city snapping photos of trees and leaves, all in the name of Instagram likes. This fall, dare to go beyond basic! Resist taking the expected photo–an overhead of your fresh fall outfit with a few fallen leaves on the ground, or that same backroad all your neighbors have already seen–to post on social media. With a diligent eye, you’ll notice there are so many beautiful fall images all around, so get creative! Because in the season of pumpkin spice lattes, there’s already enough basic to go around.

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Resist the urge to take that same photo of the windy road just outside of town that all your followers have seen. If the foliage is particularly nice on said road, create a focal point, whether that’s an old school car or a dog–or both!

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Allow your framing to create a vignette. By shooting the white Adirondack chairs in the lower right third of the frame, your followers will notice the sheer scale of the tree and throw you a like because orange foliage.

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Be better than basic. Rather than hold the leaf out in front of the camera, jump in the shot for a festive selfie.

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If you’re roughing it for the weekend this fall, be sure to take and post a photo of the furry friends you may see on a nature stroll. It’s all about timing, so wait to snap the shot until they’re all smiles, like this adorable photo from the French countryside.

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Found a fallen leaf that’s begging to be photographed? Lay it flat on a neutral surface, like a white or gray marble countertop, and shoot from overhead.

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If the landscape is too vast to crop within an Instagram’s square frame, try a panorama! The wider shot allows you to include many more details that a standard crop will cut out.

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Train your eye to look for symmetry. A photo of fall leaves reflecting in a lake or puddle is almost expected, but when you artfully frame the shot, you can take a beautiful, symmetrical image like this one.

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Sometimes, the leaves are only a small detail in the shot, adding a bit more charm to a beautiful scene. This image, taken on the streets of London, is making our hearts seriously pitter-patter.

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Look for repetition and texture–it’s everywhere! This leaf-covered building is both lush and beautiful, and the image is much more unexpected than the usual “tree in neighborhood” shot.

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Although this lake is undeniably a lovely scene, the photographer’s choice to frame the canoe dead center keeps the image interesting and fresh.

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If you choose to post a scene that’s recognizable, like Literary Walk in Central Park, try to capture the image with as few people in the frame as possible. That may mean showing up around sunrise… but that way you’ll surely get your favorite bagel flavor before it runs out!

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Try a (careful!) overhead shot for an unexpected angle of the fall foliage. While we don’t all have a chopper to hop on, a tall building or balcony will do just fine. Who knew you could take such beautiful images from your high rise office building?

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With so many images of autumn leaves flooding your feed, try to make your image as personal as possible. Pose with your pets or significant other to make your shot both unique and meaningful!

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And another puppy photo, just because we can. You’ll rake in the likes with a pooch pic like this.

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