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As much as I’d love to suddenly go “footprint-free,” I have to admit I’m still struggling to kick a few not-so-eco-friendly habits. And at this time of year, my number-one vice is cranking the air-conditioning. Knowing the amount of energy a household unit gobbles up and the pollution it spits out is painful to my inner conservationist, but as a native Californian, I’m also not made for these sticky-hot East Coast summers. Lucky for me and my environmental impact, I may have discovered the sweet spot with the EvaCHILL personal air-cooling machine.

Using way less energy and only about three cups of water, this cute little cube is able to produce so much cool air that I haven’t turned my AC on at all this summer. To start chilling, all you have to do is fill the tank, plug in the USB to an external power supply or laptop, and switch it on—you’re set for up to nine hours of breezy bliss. To be clear, it won’t drastically drop the temperature of an entire room, but if you have it nearby, it absolutely makes a hot spot more bearable. Along with the ceiling fans in our house, the unit has kept us comfy even on the muggiest of days. Plus because of its teeny size—it’s barely bigger than a square tissue box—and handle, I tote it from room to room.

As a surprising bonus, it has also been helping me sleep—and not just because I don’t wake up in a pool of sweat. The quiet hum of the fan and a soft glowing side panel (you can turn it off, if you so choose) make it akin to a white-noise machine and nightlight all in one. And because of the water vapor, it basically functions like a humidifier, too—my skin and my plants have never been happier. 

If you live in a truly sweltering climate, I’m not here to say this will replace your main unit altogether, but it can definitely make the dog days of summer more tolerable while reducing the amount of AC blasting you need. At under $100, it’s a small price to pay to show our planet a little love, and that alone is pretty cool.