10 things you’ll find in a #SOdomino entryway

The accessories every domino lover NEEDS in their entry!

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Your entryway has a lot of jobs. It is tasked with greeting guests as they enter your home. It is a welcoming respite, which ushers you in after a long day of work. Your entryway is also the dreaded “drop-off zone,” hoarding stacks of mail, piles of shoes, and crumpled up coats. Just because this space serves many functions does not mean it can’t also be beautiful. We rounded up the 10 items that will ensure your entryway is #SOdomino!

a console table

It all starts with the table. This is one of the few true furniture pieces that will live in the space, so you want to make sure that it makes a statement. You don’t have to splurge on this item, just make sure it is something that grabs you right as you enter. Even an old hand-me-down piece, painted in an unexpected color, can set a unique foundation. Remember, this is the anchor of the entryway and the piece everything will be built around.


Search your home for your favorite piece of art. It could be one with sentimental value or one that captures all of your favorite colors. Your entryway is a great place to feature your favorite artist. If you’re having trouble finding something that fits, snag that piece you have been coveting for years but never purchased. Don’t get too wrapped up in making the perfect decision. You can always switch it up!

a mirror

More often than not, your space only has room for either a piece of art or for a mirror. Since selecting artwork can be such a daunting process, we’re arming you with another option. A mirror further amps up the functionality of your entryway. Since the table is set to be the star of the show, let your mirror play a supporting role. Keep this piece simple and understated.


Let the decorating begin! Now that the foundation is laid, it’s time to accessorize. A striking agate lamp not only provides a proper amount of light to the space, but it also gives our vignette some scale. It is important to have a little height in any well-styled pocket of your home. This brilliant blue sliced stone adds a touch of glam to your entryway.


Books are some of the most important pieces for making a space feel well-styled. Consider books as inexpensive styling tools. They can stand vertically between two quirky bookends or lay horizontally with vases and sculptures on top.


No collection of books is complete without fun bookends to keep them together. We tend to favor the more whimsical pieces that add a little personality to the look!  


If you are lucky enough to have a “larger than average” entry space, add a chair! Everyone longs for enough space to sit and put shoes on in the morning. While most of us are scrambling to do so on the stairs, you can calmly take a seat in a special chair. Be cautious of adding just any old chair into the mix. Invest in something that is equally as covetable as your console.


With chilly weather upon us, a blanket makes for a great entryway accessory. Neatly drape a colorful and cozy one over your chair to warm up the space.


No space is complete without a little plant life. Pick your favorite flowers and let them greet you each and every time you enter your home. If you are looking to keep a plant alive, but are lacking a green thumb, we suggest the virtually indestructible cacti!

a storage solution

Every space needs storage. Since your entryway closet is already cramped with coats, try something that can be left out in the open. Beautiful woven baskets work year-round! They not only give you a place to stash your shoes, but also act as an extra accessory and color vehicle. Tuck them neatly under your table or set them within an empty corner or nook.