Ellen DeGeneres Launches Three Exciting Home Collections

If you’ve ever wanted to live like Ellen, now’s your chance!

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There’s a new way to bring Ellen DeGeneres to your living rooms, and it’s not via your TV. The comedienne and now-designer is launching a complete home collection for Spring ‘17, featuring furniture, rugs, and tableware.

Designed in collaboration with Thomasville Furniture, Loloi Rugs, and Royal Doulton, each part of the new ED Ellen DeGeneres collection is available for purchase on the companies’ respective sites. The new line is reflective of Ellen’s signature style and her passion for interior design.

The partnership with Thomasville Furniture features over 100 pieces in both Mid-Century modern and rustic styles while the Royal Doulton holds eight tableware collections, ideal for a little mix and match moment!

ED Ellen DeGeneres’ partnership with Loloi Rugs is made up of seven rug collections, featuring a wide range of color, fabric, and texture combinations. This collab also includes a line of pillows and throw blankets, which essentially belong in your living room.

“I’m happy to bring my passion for design to this unique rug collection with Loloi,” said Ellen. “I love it and I know you’re going to love it. But please, wipe your feet on one of my rugs before putting them on one of my couches.”

Ellen’s simple yet sophisticated style shines through each beautifully designed rug, pillow, and throw. Using muted shades mixed with bold patterns and textures, the collaboration with Loloi echoes that same blend of modern and rustic you’ll love. And with such a wide range of patterns and colors, there’s something for everyone in the home furnishings line.

“What’s not to love about working with Ellen?” asked Amir Loloi, President and Owner of Loloi Rugs. “She’s funny, she’s talented, and she has a refreshing aesthetic that translates to rugs very well. I think people are going to be really impressed by the craftsmanship of the entire line. It’s sophisticated, but simple in a very ED by Ellen kind of way.”

ED, Ellen DeGeneres’ American lifestyle brand, combines the talk show host’s love for interior design with her iconic personality and style. Can’t get enough of the new collection? While it’s available to shop now, there will be additional categories launching this coming fall. Mark your calendars.

Elly Leavitt

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