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As far as Easter egg fillers go, they’re about as traditional as things can get. From the typical candy to the occasional sticker, we wouldn’t exactly call them unexpected. With a refresh in mind, we rounded up a handful of fun knickknacks and trinkets we’d fill our eggs with this year. Take a look!

For Kids

Complement their imaginations with an eclectic assortment of equally bold and colorful treats. Googly eyes, miniature animal figurines, and all the bells and whistles that come with. We sought our inspiration from the treasures found within gumball machines, the fair, or an arcade. Bonus points if the contents of the egg double as a medium for activities. Case in point? The mini coloring pencils, stickers, stamps, and teeny tiny Legos!


For Adults

Who said adults couldn’t get in on the fun? Fill oversized eggs with a diverse selection of playful trinkets, and hand them out during a brunch or set on top of plates to double as place holders.

While we’re all for indulging in our sweet tooth, we’re expanding our gift-giving repertoire with a more curated bunch. Think, beauty samples, graphic matchboxes from your favorite eatery, play jewelry, crystals, stones, and more!

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