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We follow Donald Robertson (or @drawbertson, as you might know him) on Instagram for a few reasons. The first, obviously, his adorable twin sons. Then there are his quippy captions, unique art, beauty collaborations, and now, undeniable home decor inspiration. Robertson’s family recently relocated from the New York City suburbs to Montecito, California and it feels like he’s been teasing us with home renovations ever since. Keep reading to get a sneak into their home that’s “almost, almost” finished, complete with countless tile designs and an endless amount of inspiration.

Let’s start with this wallpaper. How much do you love this wallpaper? Because we love it an overwhelming amount. Accessorizing it with a cute child and dog doesn’t hurt, either.

And the light, sophisticated hue of green chosen for these walls. The moulding is an added bonus. You can tell this isn’t a space that’s shy when it comes to color.


This dusty rose tufted settee (or chaise!) is serving up MAJOR bathroom goals right now.

The same bathroom from a different angle is proving this entire space—open shower included—is divine.

A trip outside shows that just as much attention was paid to the exterior as the interior, with landscaping designed by Elizabeth Low Cash.

This fountain paired with tall, elegant shrubs and a gravel drive is really making us resent our small apartments right now.


According to Robertson, this is what droughtscaping looks like.

Monty (left) and Donut (right) definitely have a sweet setup. The modern seating in this home feature chairs and sofas we dream of lounging on.

Seriously, how good is this sofa bench? It’s SO good. Good enough to be family dog approved.

Of course there’s an outdoor dining area complete with the perfect turquoise chairs. We love how this home has as much going on outside as in.


And white and navy striped linens… And the prettiest pink florals.

Decisions, decisions with the color of the cabinets.

We’re fangirling over this kitchen. Between the butcher block countertops, intricately designed white, gray, and green floor tiles, gray and off-white hues covering the kitchen walls and cabinets, we can’t decide which design element is our favorite. Oh wait, we can, because that, on the left, is an actual pizza oven!!

So. Much. Beautiful. Tile.


Yep, there’s more where that came from. Did we mention we’re jealous of all the tile in this home?

Teleporting ourselves to where Monty is sitting, stat.

This woven headboard and four posted bed frame is redefining California cool.

We’re loving the arch of paned windows, as opposed to the usual front door design.


We could stare at this Spanish style fixer upper all day long. ALL day.

The most glam trash can we ever have, and ever will see.

We spy what we can only assume is a model of our dream closet.

And we have some more tile lining the exterior of the raised pool, of course.


And another closer look at the details through black-painted doors.

Robertson shared his wife, Kimberly Gieske (who, from Robertson’s captions, we assume is brains behind this renovation) picked up this sofa for a mere $250 from a bazaar market on State Street in Santa Barbara. Major score.

You’re looking at the inside of Robertson’s new studio, located on the family’s new premises. Do you SEE those beautifully beamed ceilings?

And a final view from the outside of the studio, because we officially have a crush on the oversized sconces.