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It might seem counterintuitive to pair two saturated hues in one room for fear of darkening —and therefore, shrinking— a space. However, done well, dark colors complement each other and make a bold statement that will be sure to make any room stand out. For decorating ideas that bring the drama, here are the spaces that pair dark wood with deep, rich blues.

How gorgeous is this deep green-blue shade? Paired with a minimalist light fixture hanging over an equally minimalist nightstand, the overall effect is unquestionably modern.

Rustic wood shelving is an accent piece in its own right when paired with this grey-blue wall color. Since there is minimal clutter in this kitchen area, the focus is all on the contrast between the bold color and the wood finish.

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to statement-making decor, but all it takes is an accent wall like this to instantly upgrade the room. We love the geometric print in the wall that perfectly complements the sharp lines of the sink and sleek square shape of the mirror.

Match the wall color to the accent pieces to make your wooden furniture really pop. Just be sure to coordinate the wash of the pieces, like the similarly-hued chair and side table, so as to not make your corner look cluttered.

The statement is all in the contrast for this room! Since the wall color and wood finish are both so dark, adding a brighter shade, like white, brings on an alternate dimension that makes the room all the more striking.

If you like the idea of dark-on-dark decor but aren’t fully ready to commit to a super bold look, opt for a more subdued dark blue paired with rustic, antique-looking wooden furniture. The result is less harsh but just as chic.

The whole point of choosing a dark wall color with equally dark furniture is to make a statement, so why not let the colors speak for themselves? Opt for a bare room with limited accent pieces that takes

minimalist decor

to the extreme to keep the focus on the color combo.

The lone candle is the cherry on top of this moody-looking little nook. The intensity is only heightened by the skull mounted on a dark-stained wooden wall-hanging (but you can also go for a simple painting to tone down the drama if you want to recreate this).

With a wooden chair, armoire, and cupboard all stored in close proximity, the focus is undoubtedly on the wood (even the decorative branches are wooden!). The navy wall color adds another dimension and makes the otherwise neutral space a little more interesting.

Complement your wooden pieces with varying shades of blue. We love the navy chair paired with a deeper teal wall and light blue table top. The multi-colored lights break up all that blue and make the perfect statement piece.

This sleek grey-blue toned space is the modern kitchen that dreams are made of. The dark wash wooden furniture offset with lighter wooden flooring is a chic extra step that makes a big difference.