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by Elizabeth Thompson

Looking for quick and easy ideas to liven up your room? You don’t need to be a professional decorator, contract a major reno, or even buy paint to perk up your space.

Thoughtfully selected rug and pillow combinations create a fresh look with little fuss. Find out how to create the perfect pairings for any home style–read on.

Blended boho

Get your boho on with a bit of mix and match. Don’t be afraid to blend different patterns and colors. The trick to pulling this one off without looking like you let a toddler do your decorating? Avoid matchy-matchy, but stick with pillows and rugs that share a mutual color or pattern to keep the look cohesive.

Girly glam

Glam up your girly digs with oversized patterns and bold color. To keep them from feeling overpowering, pair a few daring pieces against a white background. Gussy up seating with florals for an ultra femme touch.

Cozy coastal

Lend a coastal vibe to your space no matter where you live. Stripes and batik print are perfect for decking out a beach-side nest or imparting a shoreline feel to the land locked abode. Add soft textiles, like a shag rug or furry throw, for cozy factor.

Rad trad

Who says neutral has to be bland? Create a warm traditional look with muted tones in unexpected designs and fabrics. Try light-colored pillows in conventional patterns merged with a white cowhide rug and chunky knit throw. Nothing boring about this mix.

Natural glamour

Didn’t expect to see these two styles together? Opposites attract to forge one fabulous look. Marry natural and over-the-top textiles for a flirty vibe with just enough grounding. A natural fiber rug provides a firm (and stylish) footing, while furry pillows and throws, and tufted furniture gussy up your space. Top things off with some zebra print and you are golden.

Down-to-earth eclectic

A mix of styles can meld into comfortable perfection when using the right pieces. Warm neutral tones fused with playful patterns and earthy textures create a fun yet grown-up look. Entertain, chill with the fam, or grab some “me time” in this inviting mélange.

Modern mix

So you finally scored the Moroccan rug of your dreams. Stumped on how to accessorize? Mud cloth and animal print are obvious choices. Why not spice up your scene with something different, like stripes and patterns in unexpected colors. Remember: Pillows are easy to swap out, so this look can change with the seasons (or your mood!).

Color blast

Whether you dwell in living color or tend to walk on the less-than-wild side, a splash of tint can take a space from bland to brilliant in an instant. Whatever your style personality, it is best to approach this look with balance. Try merging brightly-hued pillows with a rug in a coordinating shade. The colors? Those are up to you.

Rustic chic

We are definitely not talking log cabin, here. This rustic look is right at home uptown. Think along the lines of livable neutrals, natural textiles, and easy on the eyes prints. Didn’t know camel and grey could look so good together? Team with a sisal or woven rug for a bucolic feel that even a city gal will fall in love with.

Relaxed romance

Infuse a little amour into your room with soft touches that speak volumes. Play up frills against more masculine patterns for a universal feel. Pretty-in-pink pillows married with animal print set the stage for passion. Even if all you desire is a long nap.

Free spirited

Boho is all about the unconventional. It’s indie, fun, and expressive. If you’d like to bust out of the mold and flaunt your own style, this is it. Don’t hold back. If color is your thing, play it up with bright on bright. Go wild with patterns. Dots, with stripes, with Kilim print? You bet’cha!

DIY on the cheap

Already blown your budget with no room left to accessorize? Try your hand at making a rag rug. Add a colorful pillow or two and your room is as good as done. A pulled together look no one would ever guess is handmade.