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Use every available square inch to plan for storage, but don’t feel obliged to fill all the shelves. Borrow a common chard from an accent wall to harmonize the decorative elements of the room.

Stick to a simple color palette to emphasize the natural elements of the room. A sporadic mix of wooden details provide a pleasant contrast against the whitewashed space.

Get creative with the shelving. Reclaimed wood planks and a few pieces of copper plumbing pipes make for a stylish storage solution.

An all-white aesthetic isn’t always a must for small spaces. Don’t be afraid to go a little deep with the paint color, granted there’s plenty of natural light to compensate.

Extra lighting is always a good idea, especially when it comes to tiny spaces that skew towards a more contemporary aesthetic. Complement the decor with a cozy floor piece and rich textures, to downplay the intensity of a modern look.

Proof that no spot is too small for a little creative shelving. File this one under: best use of corners.

An assortment of open and closed cabinets can evoke an airy feel throughout an intimate space. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off that fancy dishware.