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11 reasons why you need an attic bedroom

Amazing transformations that prove we all need a bedroom in the attic.
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When your attic doubles as a one-room studio, planning out the space takes a little creativity. A soft landing pad beneath the bed can designate a spot for the bedroom, while a cleverly placed shelf becomes a chic divider for the luxurious bath. 

A curated assortment of unique finds complete this delightfully charming room. Limited headspace? Skip the box spring for the bed, and keep the decor low to the floor.

For a rustic spot free of color, this classic country setup makes quite the statement. We can’t get enough of the striking contrast of the stark white decor and the earthy tones of the surrounding elements. 

Small space living can have its perks. Case in point? This cozy nook, that’s certainly shy on square footage, yet brimming with comfort and plenty of natural light. 

A dusty lilac on the walls sets a soothing tone in this contemporary space. With an exposed wooden ceiling and chic industrial accents, the eclectic assortment of bold elements lends a dynamic essence to the fierce decor. 

Spare space upstairs? Consider converting it into a cozy spot for overnight guests. Revive the decor with a healthy whitewash, a vibrant pop of color, and a subtle touch of glam.

We’re loving the free-flowing elements of this boho chic setup, complete with raw textures and fearless patterns. 

A muted palette of off-white tones and dainty gold details sets a refreshing essence in a generally dim space. With plenty of plush seating solutions, we can’t think of a better spot for a momentary escape.

We’re all for the distressed simplicity of this quaint attic setting, complete with the captivating view of the surrounding wildlife.

Consider this a teenage boy’s dream room. With an understated aesthetic and chic industrial elements, this bed and bath combo is pure perfection. 

Spacious attics coupled with all-white schemes seem to just go hand-in-hand. After all, with sky-high ceilings and an abundance of natural light, we couldn’t think of a better combo to suit the space. 

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