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CHAIRS Vintage Folding Chairs, Belle Meade Plantation MIRROR White’s Mercantile, Nashville


LOVESEAT Jennifer Taylor   COFFEE TABLE West Elm   RUG Tandy Leather, Nashville    PLANT WICKER BASKET Fringe Supply Co., Nashville   COFFEE TABLE TRAY West Elm   MUGS Handmade Studio, Nashville

To be honest, we’d shop for jewelry in an old broom cupboard, we love it that much. Consider the Wldflwrs is really just spoiling us, with an inspired space we wish had a spare bedroom for us to move into. The Nashville shop is located in the business district in Berry Hill, and 1500 square foot space beckons you in just as much for the design as its breathtaking minimalist jewelry offerings. We asked Emily Howard, Founder and Creative Director of Consider the Wldflwrs, to give us insight into how she crafted such a strong aesthetic and welcoming vibe in a retail setting. Take notes.

HOW DID CONSIDER THE WLDFLWRS FIND AND CHOOSE THIS SPACE? I discovered the space through my friend, Elizabeth Pape. Elizabeth is a local garment designer and her company Elizabeth Suzann was working out of the space before they moved to a larger spot down the road that better suited their large-scale production. We had been looking for a more intimate space to call our own and this studio was the perfect size. In our studio, we’ve got areas for our shop, floral arranging, production, kitchen, a loft, a meeting space that feels homey, and even a patio/garden area. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be in this space.


WHAT OVERALL AESTHETIC WERE YOU GOING FOR? First and foremost, we wanted our space to be bright and fresh. We wanted our customers to walk in and immediately be touched by the plant life, and smell our signature WLDFLWR candle burning. We loved the idea of curating a hole-in-the-wall spot (like something you would find in Chicago or New York) that people can walk into and be surprised to find fresh florals and jewelry. We want it to be a little secret slice of eden in the business district of Nashville where women can bring friends by on the weekend, and or stop by for a pick-me-up after work. Every detail of the shop has been curated for the customer’s experience.

NASHVILLE PRINT Wink Wink Paper Co., Nashville

STANDING MIRROR Sonadora Handmade, Nashville

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THIS DESIGN PROCESS? My favorite part was finding the furniture. We looked for staple pieces that would both fit in with our aesthetic and stand out next to the jewelry. The white vintage case we found was one of our bigger projects thus far. I found the case painted in turquoise at the Nashville Flea Market and immediately fell in love and got it to the shop. From there we took turns painting it for weeks trying to cover up the turquoise and finally replaced the glass and gave it new knobs. It was a team effort, and the piece is definitely our most prized display case.

WHAT IS THE BEST REACTION YOU’VE HAD TO THIS SPACE? We’ve had a lot of people support us as our company has grown, so it’s always cool to see our lifelong customers see the space for the first time. They’ve been with us since the beginning, so they feel invested in our story. Our customers consistently comment on how much they love the space and always ask if they can take pictures. We insist that they do!

WHAT DO YOU WANT CUSTOMERS TO FEEL WHEN THEY WALK IN? We want our customers to feel welcome, comfortable and not overwhelmed, and we want them to come back for more. It’s impossible to see all of the corners of our shop on your first visit. Especially if you peek your head into the production space where all of our tools are lined up in a desk caddy. There’s always more to see, and new things happening!