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by Michelle Gage

Hunt down a simple stool at your local thrift store. Pay no mind to what the fabric looks like and focus on shape. Can you envision your favorite print applied? If so, that piece is the one for you. A simple staple job can get you your dream piece.

Ariele couldn’t help shake the feeling that her armchair was in need of an update. Not only did this hardworking lady print her own fabric, but she also took out her chisels to do a little work on the frame. You don’t have to take it as far as this all-star, though she does prove that a little elbow grease goes a long way.

Looking to head straight to the upholstery big leagues? Try taking on this tufted headboard project. Bought new, something like this could cost you a pretty penny. However, done on your own, one can be yours for just a fraction of the price.

Brittany found this old chair and brought it right to her local upholsterer. While she didn’t do the actual fitting herself, she did everything else! She recommends bringing print outs of your inspiration along with you to ensure you get your desired end result.

Pick your favorite print and turn it into a pouf! If you’re in need of a place to rest your feet or some extra seating, this DIY has your name all over it.

Would you believe that this perfect chair was once grey and gross? This project proves that with a little love, you can make even the ugliest of chairs beautiful again. When hunting for your own fixer upper, remember that shape is what matters most.

Even a DIY newbie can perfect this project. Update your dated modern chairs with a fun new print. If you’re lucky enough to find an entire set, you’re on your way to having a completely new dining experience.

A quirky vintage shape is easily uplifted with a few simple touches. A classic stripe carries this antique sofa into the modern world. Nail heads beautifully border the spot where the fabric meets the frame.