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Casa Perfect of The Future Perfect, took things to new heights with the opening of “Casa Perfect“, an ode to the city of LA with a thoughtfully curated aesthetic that emulates the brand’s modern vision.

Situated in West Hollywood Hills, the mid-century modern home was designed by architect David Hyun in 1957. Standing at 3,000 sq ft, the gallery home features an open layout with four bedrooms and sweeping views of the city. The decor channels the unique and forward aesthetic of The Future Perfect, featuring streamlined details, structural pieces, and daring color palettes.

“When I found the house in the hills, I knew that we could create something beyond retail, and give our clients an experience unique to The Future Perfect, but distinctly LA.”  – David Alhadeff

Ceramicist Eric Roinestad’s signature stoneware (wall-mounted pieces above) was among the selection of new objects that decked the space.

We caught up with The Future Perfect founder, David Alhadeff to get the scoop on how Casa Perfect came to conception.

What inspired this project?

I’ve always wanted to do a project in LA and I’ve become really interested in reshaping the idea of retail.  Casa Perfect was a way to accomplish both.

What makes Casa Perfect so distinctively LA?

I’m not from LA and, as a New Yorker, I won’t dare impress my ideas of what’s LA and what’s not. I might get that wrong. For me though, Casa Perfect is a way to twist perception about what retail and commerce is and how it can be presented. Los Angeles was the perfect place to do this since retail is so destination-oriented here, as a general rule.

What is your favorite aspect of the space?

I love what we did in the master closet with the Bec Brittain hanging light.

Where do you think the future of retail home decor is headed?

I think experience is an increasingly important part of retail in general.  We can see everything online so it’s our job as merchants to invite surprise and delight into our program.

A curated collection of never-before-seen works were presented at the opening of the space, including a selection of outdoor furniture from designer Christian Woo.