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by Tracy Teare

If you save fabric scraps like some people hoard shoes, and your Pinterest boards are bursting with image of rooms you love, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a sewing machine of your own. Here are five more reasons to give in to your inner seamstress.

get an upscale look on a real-world budget

Armed with your own machine, you can knock-off looks you love with less costly materials and your own industry.

feel less frazzled

Research shows that devoting time to creative activities, like writing, painting, and yes, sewing, helps control stress. Who doesn’t need less of that?

have it your way

When you shop, are you forever thinking things like, “wooden buttons would have been a better choice to pull off a rustic look”? With your own machine, it’s all up to you — there’s no settling for what’s in store or online.

save money

It’s true that fabric and patterns cost money, but if you’re thoughtful about your purchases, there’s no doubt you can save money by making your own pillows, napkins, placemats, and more. This is particularly true if you like to change your décor with the seasons or shop continually for home goods.

it’s easy to learn online

With dozens of classes and tutorials at your fingertips, help is always on hand, whether you’re a beginner, need to sharpen a skill or two, or seek step-by-step help with a specific project.