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Picking sheets is personal. Someone’s cozy comforter is another person’s sweaty nightmare. While you may think you know all the ins and outs of bedding, you have more fabric options than you might think. If cotton and linen aren’t cutting it, Buffy just launched a line of eucalyptus sheets. Yes, linens made out if a plant.

“Made from eucalyptus-based fiber, the textile not only feels softer than cotton, but also presents added cooling and hypoallergenic benefits,” explains Leo Wang, CEO and founder of Buffy. “It’s significantly softer than its linen counterparts—though given the strides being made in sustainable linen production, we are looking into it as a potential fabric choice down the line.”

Courtesy of Buffy

Courtesy of Buffy

Each of the eucalyptus colorways is naturally dyed, so you can breathe a little easier knowing the place you spend a third of your life is devoid of toxins. The grays are made with pomegranate, eucalyptus, and tea; the blush, tinted with turmeric, gardenia, and walnut. If you prefer cooler tones, mark your calendar for fall: Buffy will be launching blues, dyed with indigo, safflower, and rose, in the near future. 

The big question is how this all works. You might have a vision of Buffy’s naturally dyed sheets being the product of independent artisans, who gingerly hand-dip each pillowcase in a tiny studio. That is the typical process, but Buffy is actually the first brand to take natural dying to this mass market level. Its secret? Ultrasonic technology. 

No, seriously: Buffy is using sound waves to transfer the dyes deep into the fibers of the fabric. It’s eco-friendly (no unsafe run-off water) and futuristic in the best way. The result is uber-breathable, chemical-free sheets ideal for the conscious consumer—and the hot sleeper

Though if you tend to get chilly, worry not: “For those who run cool, we recommend using the sheets in tandem with The Breeze or The Cloud,” says Wang. “The fluffiness of the duvet inserts, produced by an air-blown filling process, generates extra comfort and warmth.” Either way, sleep tight. 

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