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Lately, we’ve been giving a lot of thought to what comes after subway tile (zellige? natural stone?). But just when we’re at the point of labeling the go-to backsplash material overplayed, a fresh twist on the classic white rectangle comes onto the scene. Last week Island Stone debuted Patina Glass, a new collection of glass subway tiles, featuring one standout option dubbed Bright Side, a sky-inspired design that has us rethinking our fatigue.

The milky white and baby blue surface’s cloudlike wisps are a result of blending metallic oxides with reactive chemicals, according to the company. In other words: The pieces look hand-painted. The variation in the patterns allows you to create a one-of-a-kind display that will change throughout the day, depending on the light in the room. Another factor contributing to its modern look? The artful version is double the length of a standard 6-inch subway tile.  

The slabs, which retail for $40 per square foot and can be sourced from a number of vendors (you can find a dealer here), have a protective coating that allows them to withstand moisture in a tub or shower enclosure. Still, in a space like a kitchen, where people expect a sleek white surface with dark grout lines, this pick will turn heads. Subway isn’t going anywhere—it’s just getting a makeover. 

Kitchens photo
Bright Side tile, Island Stone ($40 per square foot)

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