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We’re all about the organic life these days, whether it’s skincare, supplements, or even home decor. But did you know that the sheets you sleep on play a huge role in your health and vitality?

Blaynk founder Lauren Page has made healthy bedding her life’s mission: She’s worked in the textile industry her entire life. Her grandparents opened a foam and fabric business in Rochester, New York, all the way back in 1879, and her first job was at the business. But after a few years of working as a consultant in the industry, she realized the traditional ways in which sheets and pillowcases are manufactured can cause severe issues to one’s health and well-being.

“You spend over a third of your life in your bed, and you’re exposed to a variety of chemicals and pesticides when you sleep on non-organic sheets,” Page tells Domino. “After I did some digging and found out what really goes on in this industry, I honestly didn’t feel comfortable in my bed anymore. I knew that I could make these products in a better way.”

The result? Blaynk, a completely organic bedding company that creates both sheets and pillowcases without using any pesticides, synthetic dyes, sizing agents, or softeners.

“We actually go way beyond what is considered organic, because not only do we source the highest-quality organic cotton, we also use only rainwater and wind power to create the sheets. Without getting too technical, this is something that is near impossible to do. But we developed unique methods with our manufacturer to spin, weave, and finish fabrics using just water—not a drop of chemicals. This is important because we don’t want these chemicals in our homes, but also because these chemicals are harmful to the environment,” says Page.


She explains to Domino, “For example, cotton on its own is not very strong. So, in order to be woven on machines, you typically apply ‘sizing’ chemicals to add strength. However, we use a special method of spinning that strengthens the yarn without any of these pre-treatments.”

To do this, Page partnered with Chetna Organic, a nonprofit organization in India that that works with cotton farmers in India. Members grow their crops without genetically modified seeds or pesticides, and they use significantly less water than conventional farmers do. “Chetna has all of the certifications, like Global Organic Textile Standard, and works with other companies like Patagonia,” says Page.

Her manufacturer is also in India; founded in 1947, it runs its productions on 100 percent wind power. It also has one of the largest rainwater harvesting systems in the world—holding over one million gallons. “We worked with them to ensure that our products are made using only water from this source,” Page says. “We don’t see it, but so much water goes into making the products we buy, and sourcing our water this way is much more sustainable.”

The result? Breathable, silky soft sheets and pillowcases you don’t feel guilty sleeping on. “Over 13 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills every year, which averages to about 70 pounds per person,” says Page. “Out of those textiles, bed linens account for 5 percent of the makeup of all landfills in the world.”

In fact, the company is so environmentally conscious, it even gives you a simple way to return your old sheets, so they can be recycled or upcycled sustainably by Blaynk itself. “We want to make things as easy as possible for the consumer,” says Page.

Each Blaynk purchase therefore comes with a prepaid return label the customer can use to send old sheets, and the sheets also come wrapped in a cotton bag that is created using excess fabric. All other shipping materials are recycled—and recyclable—as well.

But of course, these chic, healthy sheets come at a premium: Prices range from $129 for a twin set to $299 for a King. It definitely seems like people think it’s worth it, though—the company’s Kickstarter campaign, launched on August 8, has already reached its $20,000 goal. So, if you’re looking to take your sheets to the next level, you’ll be able to very soon—the company will start shipping its products out in November.

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