This Shop Owner’s Go-To Kitchen Storage Is Inspired by Julia Child

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As a former fashion stylist and editor, if there is one thing Beverly Nguyen knows, it’s how to shop. This past spring she took her expert eye for design and channeled it into a new realm. Her namesake store, Beverly’s, which opened in mid-2021, has become New York City’s go-to for Insta-worthy home goods. Think: aesthetically pleasing knives, pots and pans, and bottles of olive oil. 

“I couldn’t have predicted the amount of support and the amount of momentum that came from it,” Nguyen tells Domino contributing editor Benjamin Reynaert on the fourth episode of Design Time: Trending Forward (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). During the conversation, she discusses her transition from fashion to home, how the two are connected, and where the industries differ. She also touches on the exciting—and challenging—moments that come with opening a storefront and offers tangible advice for aspiring small-business owners. But perhaps one of the best takeaways from the episode are the trends she’s currently into—and the ones she’s so over. Here’s a sneak peek.

What’s In: Pegboards 

Julia Child taught us that they’re the most brilliant way to create a space with your belongings. I suggest painting them versus staining them, because you don’t want brushstrokes going the wrong way. They’re supposed to be a vessel to support your objects and should almost feel invisible.

What’s Out: Herringbone

It’s a big gut reaction, but I’m allergic to herringbone. It’s a big pass for me—always has been, always will be. I am waiting for someone to prove to me otherwise!

What’s Next: Cooking Outdoors

I love entertaining in the great outdoors, and I think there’s a really sophisticated way to camp. Sushi is actually one of the easiest things you can make while camping—just precook the rice and bring seaweed with you! I’m also really into open-fire cooking, being outside and grilling meat. I would love for a Beverly’s store to have an open grill outside. There are so many chefs in New York right now who are cooking in the streets. It just shows that you don’t necessarily need all the fancy tools to make a beautiful meal.

Eager to hear what else it’s time to let go of—and what to look out for next? Listen to the full episode here.