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There are people who are good at vintage shopping, and then there is Serena Morris. If you haven’t heard her name, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon her Instagram account, @bestoftrr. Her bio, “doing the dirty work for you,” says it all—there the California creative curates the very best of luxury resale site The RealReal. And Morris doesn’t just post links. She puts together outfits for every scenario—getting ready with the girls, date nights, cocktail parties—paired with inspiration images that never fail to bring a tear to a nostalgic eye. Think: Fran from The Nanny on vacation, video clips of My Super Sweet 16, and stills from the “Hips Don’t Lie” music video. That said, The RealReal is not just for clothes and accessories. Morris sees it as a treasure trove of homewares, too. “The stuff on there is pretty bananas, especially if you’re looking for something that’s really unique and of great quality,” she explains. While most look to shows like Girlfriends, Sex and the City, and The Golden Girls solely for the fashion inspo they provide, Morris has always kept an eye on their interiors as well. “The apartments in those shows were like their watering holes,” especially in The Golden Girls, she notes. “They were always talking about money and budgeting, but they always looked fabulous, and so did their homes. I would like to imagine that a lot of these characters were doing the same things that I’m doing now.” 

If you’ve ever browsed The RealReal, then you know how many products there are—and how time-consuming sifting through them can be. Here, Morris gives her best tips for the impatient and overwhelmed, as well as her top home picks on the site right now, inspired by the series she knows and loves. 

How to Shop The RealReal

Filter Your Favorites 

I would describe it like going on social media: Do a daily scroll to see what’s out there. If there are brands you envision yourself wearing or want in your home, start there. Constantly refresh and heart the things you like.The Obsessions tab is my favorite feature because it serves as a place for reference and inspirationalmost like a mood board. It’s a great education tool as well. You may see something that you love from a designer or collection you weren’t familiar with, and then later you can take a deep dive into that brand. Keep revisiting your Obsessions page, because there are things that might reduce in price, much to your surprise.


Shop Low to High

When I first moved into my apartment, I knew I wanted art, but custom framing can be so expensive. I then discovered that TRR sold art. Most of the artists I found I had never heard of, and the variety of pieces was incredibly vast, at all price ranges, too. I was on a budget, so I sorted the art from lowest to highest price, and I ended up finding three really great pieces for under $100.

Prepare to Be Surprised 

The Baccarat and Lalique crystal selections on TRR were the most unexpected for me to find—the most exciting, too. Growing up I always admired my grandmother’s collection of crystal, most of which she’d bought during her trips to France. They always seemed so mystical, luxurious, and a bit out of reach. I never thought I’d be able to own such delicate and refined pieces—until I randomly discovered both brands on TRR. 

Get as Specific as Possible 

If I’m being honest, the things that I’ve found and loved the most have been just through pleasure browsing. However, you can never go wrong with having a strategy. Do you have a general idea of what your style and color preferences are, and do you know how much you’d like to spend? Filter each of those things on the site and start with the low to high filter. Now the site knows to show you pillows under $100 in green, blue, and purple. 

Morris’s Latest Mood Boards

Get Ready With Blanche Devereaux

Plans for the night might include drinks and dancing with the girls, dinner with what’s-his-name—or perhaps a combination of the two à la The Golden Girls


Missoni Towel
Bath Towel by MissoniHome, TheRealReal ($132)

Put on your favorite playlist and hop in the shower to wash away the day and kick-start the night. Soft, cushiony, and cute, these Missoni Home towels will have you feeling as if you’re at the Amangiri Spa. 

dior robe
Robe by Dior, TheRealReal ($212)

Preparing for a night out is sacred and should be treated with respect and care! It’s a chance to set the tone for the rest of the evening. And what better way to begin than throwing on a luxe robe?

Swivel Mirror
Tabletop Mirror by Jay Strongwater, TheRealReal ($1,916)

Find a tabletop mirror and cute stool to set in front of your dresser. Sitting down to apply your makeup can alleviate the stress of getting ready, and let’s be real, it’s glam as ever.

gucci makeup bag
Cosmetic bag by Gucci, TheRealReal ($340)

This cosmetics bag could easily be switched to a dinner clutch and no one would ever know. Not to mention, the color is so rich and stunning.


Pitcher set
Pitcher Set by Blendo, TheRealReal ($108)

Show off your amateur bartending skills and serve some cocktails in this vibrant set. Chances are you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even make it out. 

Work From Home With Carrie Bradshaw 

If you’re still not heading into the office anytime soon, it’s time to channel the lead character’s setup in Sex and the City.

Bookends by Anna by Rablabs, TheRealReal ($195)

It’s hard to decorate a desk without causing a lot of clutter—especially if you’re strapped for space. Grab some of your favorite books, put them in between these, and you’re done! Sometimes less is more. 

mug set
Ceramic mugs, TheRealReal ($132)

What’s your poison? Coffee? Tea? Hot water with lemon? The beautiful thing about WFH is you get to use your favorite mugs to provide daily comfort. Plus the bigger the cup, the better! 


Teapot by Calvin Klein, TheRealReal ($59)

Speaking of tea, how cute is this teapot from Calvin Klein? Also, who knew Calvin Klein made home products? It feels like something Gwyneth Paltrow owned in the Brad Pitt ’90s era—and for that vibe alone you need it.

Desk Clock by Tiffany, TheRealReal ($295)

Being able to tell time on a real clock is a dying art. Bragging rights are in order here for whomever buys and uses this one—which has a unique swivel feature—on the daily.

Table Lamps
Table Lamps, TheRealReal ($487)

Having bright, natural light throughout the day in an apartment is rare—especially in a big city. I’d imagine that when these lamps are on, they exude a warm and luminous glow to give an almost candlelight feel.

Host a Cocktail Party With Joan Carol Clayton

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or you’re inviting everyone you’ve ever met, these pieces will give your guests something to talk about, not unlike Girlfriends in the 2000s.


Crystal Decanter by Rosenthal, TheRealReal ($66)

Show off your sommelier skills by getting a chic decanter like this teardrop-shaped one—even if it is for a bottle from Trader Joe’s, it’ll look like a million bucks. 

wine glasses
Wine Glasses by Calvin Klein, TheRealReal ($265)

These are my ideal wineglasses: thick stems, cylindrical bowls, superclean, and chic. Just save them for a less rowdy bunch.

DInnerware Set
Dinnerware Set by Haviland, TheRealReal ($277)

One day, I bravely plan on hosting Thanksgiving, and this dinnerware set, packed with a plate for every type of dish, will definitely prove to my grandmother that I know what I’m doing.

Ice Bucket Set
Ice Bucket Set, TheRealReal ($148)

This set is all about the details. From the ice tongs to the gold piping on the glasses, it’s guaranteed to elevate your drinking experience.


cheese knives
Cheese Knife Set by Anna by Rablabs, TheRealReal ($175)

If you’ve burned your attempt at that Ina Garten recipe, have no fear: A good charcuterie board will save the day. The emerald quartz handles on this set are so breathtaking.