Published on December 19, 2018

Vases have played a critical role in the home since the dawn of time. Once depicted on the walls of caves and as the subjects of still life, our never-ending infatuation has progressed to such a point that there are Instagram accounts solely dedicated to chic-looking vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Whether used as a functional holder for freshly cut florals or worshiped as a standalone sculpture, vases can be a testing ground for forward-thinking ideas. Think of this decorative object not as another throwaway accent, but as a chance for a trial run; an opportunity to try a new trend before committing to a big-ticket item.

Here are 15 vases that capture a few noteworthy trends we’re loving right now.

Totem Talk

Totem-inspired decor is only just beginning to take the design world by storm. Embrace this emblematic movement by showcasing a freshly cut bunch in any of these three bulky vessels.

The joy of journeying through a fun house captured in the form of a tubular black-and-white vase.

Scandinavia’s current obsession with heavy stoneware blossoms to new heights with a dark marble vase fit for a bouquet.

Much like the laboratory apparatus that inspired its transparent, conical design, Tom Dixon’s stout vase are a fresh investigation of this stackable trend.

Light as Paper

Deceiving by nature, the point of these elegant illusions is to trick the senses. Ceramics or origami? You decide.

Wispy florals as light as the vessel that holds them will look especially stunning in this water-resistant paper vase.

This color-blocked vessel brings together elements of traditional Mediterranean ceramics minus the kiln. When else have you ever been able to say that your vase was sewn by hand?

Every delicate fold and crease of this pale pink number gives the impression that it was craftily folded from paper. But never fear, as this rock-hard pot won’t blow away with the breeze.

Prismic Perfection

Refractive surfaces and acute angles are teaming up to create spectacular showcases in optical design. Add a holographic touch to a lackluster vignette with any of these lessons in geometry.

Armed with not one but two sprouting necks, the chances you’ll wow your plant-loving friends are doubled.

The addition of 3-D printing transports this blown-glass vase into the digital era. Don’t let its reflective bottom fool you—this statement vase is as tall as it looks.

A Tetris-worthy vase crafted from red-hot hexagonal blocks.

Reimagined Artifacts

Forget shopping vintage: Nods to brutalism and ancient history are slowly replacing our longtime obsession with mid-century modern. Reminiscent of the imagined ruins they appear to be sourced from, here are three contemporary pieces that pay homage to the earliest ceramics.

A mix of Ticul clay and limestone sourced from Yucatán give this unglazed vase its natural quality.

Transform your living room into a museum-approved gallery with a poetic vessel by Matthias Kaiser.

While the cobalt blue pot’s standard shape might seem familiar, there’s something undeniably futuristic about its additional rope exterior.

A streamlined vessel as smooth and silky as this will make you want to take up pottery lessons stat.

Stone-Cold Fusions

Soft and hard make for the ultimate juxtaposition in design. What better way to get your feet wet with contrast than with a cluster of melded vessels that blur and blend the line between art and object?

A mouth-blown glass bubble introduces a sense of grace to the rock-hard platform below.

This irregular, molten base of this jet-black vase is not easily identifiable—and that’s exactly the point.

Directly inspired by archaeology, Wang and Soderstrom’s molded vases take a 21st-century approach to ceramic design with 3-D-printed bud vases.


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