Festina Peche
Dogfish Head Brewery
Milton, DE
Peaches are pureed and added to this tart beer, but it still has the delicious wheaty character of a more traditional Berliner Weisse. 

Mazatlan, Mexico
It’s hard not to picture yourself on a white sand beach when you take a haul off this Mexican pilsner-style.

Prickly Pear
Shiner Brewing
Shiner, TX
Deep in the heart of Texas, Shiner is brewing this summer standout with the fruit of the prickly pear – a native cactus.


Centennial IPA
Founders Brewing
Grand Rapids, MI
It’s the perfect summer IPA with floral undertones and citrus accents for those that like their beers hoppy with a side of sweetness.

Anchor Summer Wheat
Anchor Brewing
San Francisco, CA
A favorite since the summer of ’84, it’s a classic American wheat beer (which means the yeast is filtered out) for a clean, swig-ready taste.

Allagash White Ale
Allagash Brewery
Portland, ME
Light and crispy, this take on a Belgian Wheat is spiced up with subtle hints of coriander and orange peel.

Summer Ale
Goose Island Beer Co.
Chicago, IL
Brewed from local Midwestern hops, this light-bodied session ale has hints of orange that will fit right in at a backyard bbq.


Summer Love Ale
Victory Brewing Company
Downington, PA
his light-bodied ale is made from European hops and German malts with a surprising zing of lemon at the end of every sip.

Road Trip
SweetWater Brewing Company
Atlanta, GA
A light and crisp Pilsner that yields citrus notes but remains deliciously hoppy.

UFO Big Squeeze Shandy
Harpoon Brewery
Boston, MA
What’s summer without a shandy a.k.a a beer and fruit juice mix? This concoction uses grapefruit and a light wheat combination.