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When it comes to beer, some have a real love-hate relationship. Who can’t help but cool off with a refreshing brew on a hot summer’s day? On the other hand, have three too many, and the calories start to add up. Crystal Luxmore knows a thing or two about it. The beer sommelier (yep, it’s a thing) is the co-founder of Beer Sisters – along with real-life sister and fellow sommelier Tara – and an avid beer enthusiast. Together, the two lead guided tastings and make a number of appearances imparting their widely sought-after words of wisdom on all things beer and brew.

We caught up with Crystal to get the scoop on everything from choosing the right brew to matching it to the your preferred flavor pairings. Take a look!

So you swore off beer after college

… stay away from golden pilsners and lagers and try something with a different flavour profile — beer is so interesting and complex now, so dive in!

Experiment With Craft Brews

Some of my go-tos for those venturing into the wild world of craft beer is to try sour or lightly funky beers like a gose, “brett” ale, or farmhouse saison — they’re tangy, acidic, and refreshing. If you’re into yogurt and fermented foods, these are the beers for you.

Beer Is Food

The two can be synonymous when it comes to flavor preferences. Beer has similar flavours to our favourite foods, so I like to recommend trying a beer style based on the dishes you love to eat.

If you love

chocolate and coffee

, go for a classic stout or porter, Guinness is the grandfather of these styles and you can’t go wrong with a pint, especially on St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t believe the myth that it drinks like a meal, once you get past that beautiful creamy head, it’s light-bodied and dry, in fact it’s one of the lowest calorie beers.

If you’re into

tropical fruit

, big, bold flavours (and don’t mind a little bitterness) reach for an American-style Pale Ale or IPA. Brewers are constantly innovating with this beloved beer style and the most modern versions have perfumey, in-your-face noses (think pineapple, mango, florals, and even white wine) with a dialed back hint of bitterness.

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