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There’s no denying the hustle and bustle of city life is exciting, but there’s something equally special about the countryside and the calm and serene settings that accompany it. And while maybe moving there isn’t a realistic option—a weekend away? We’re SO there. And if you already live in the country? Make sure you’re ‘gramming all about it and hastagging #SOdomino!


There’s a special place in our hearts reserved for light-filled white and wood dining rooms and kitchen areas.


You’re looking at purple poppy fields located in the English countryside, and if you don’t want to prance through these fields we need to have a serious talk.


From the checkered, weathered floors to the marble tabletop (and the delicious spread atop it), we’re extremely jealous of this country kitchen.

Rustic (and modern) wood panels are having a moment, and we’re not complaining. Tour the rest of this stunning home to see more wood paneled perfection.


The dark stained wood door paired with the brick doorstep—and the chickens, you can’t forget the chickens—makes this front porch an undeniably dreamy scene.


White-painted EVERYTHING—with pops of natural wood, for an easy statement that fits in with any minimalist aesthetic.


This stone cottage is the perfect backdrop for this jewel tone garden.

The glossy, white-painted wood burning stove is our favorite piece in this Swedish summer cottage, but we think you should decide for yourself. There are plenty of contenders.

White wood paneled walls paired with these raw cupboards and the rustic tin backsplash creates an overload of rustic coolness in this East Sussex cottage.


Who needs a sidewalk when you have overgrown greens as your front yard?

If you lived in the country, you could have an outdoor kitchen that looks like THIS. Just sayin’…

The same home holds this vintage, black clawfoot tub. We’re only a ton jealous.


You could also move your dining room into the great outdoors, where fields and open space are abundant.

Not to worry, your mismatched seating will still work in whatever dream country cottage you’re dreaming up. Just look at this space!

We’re sensing the owners of this beautiful farmhouse, located outside Cape Town, have a lot of time to take long, relaxing baths. (While our levels of jealousy continue to rise.)


You’d also have time to have a kitchen garden where you could pick vegetables for dinner.

This Swedish farmhouse took five years (yes, FIVE) to renovate. The hard work definitely paid off.


This could be your morning view… Every. Single. Day.

This Tuscan villa tucked away in the Italian countryside is an ideal place for just about any kind of vacation or event, but especially a wedding.


A nice, cool glass of milk and cookies right out the oven taste good no matter where you are, but we imagine these taste extra delicious.


We wish the sun could set over every single one of our backyard meals… And look exactly like this.


This is what drinking on your roof looks like when you live in the French countryside. Yep.

Though we love rustic, shabby chic farmhouse decor, the contrast of modern design against any country landscape is guaranteed to take our breath away.

Good news: You can still fit a

kitchen nook

in your dream cottage.

(Pst, it doesn’t have to end here. We have more cottage kitchen inspo.)