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Nearly 96,000 photos later, we’re still loving #SOdomino, and we can tell you are, too. We are so inspired by the photos you’ve been adding to our hashtag that we decided to do another roundup to show off your skills. Make sure to keep tagging your decor and design focused ‘grams, we love to #regram our favorites!

Photography by @JOSEFINSOSO

We’re loving everything about this bedroom. From the gorgeous plant life to the stunning pillow selection, we could easily see ourselves curling up for a cozy Sunday morning in this room. Cheers to @workspacegoals for bringing this room to our attention.

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Photography by @KCSTAUFFER

Want to know what our dream kitchen looks like? It certainly has a few components from this space. Those marble countertops and see-through cabinets are EVERYTHING. Bonus points for the rustic feel — brought to you by oversized baskets.

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This gorgeous room was designed by @sarahshermansamuel. It’s chic and beautiful, with plenty of natural light. What makes this room especially wonderful is how the light

pink couch

balances out the minimalist design of the custom wallpaper.

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This backyard is giving us some serious autumn vibes. When in doubt, skip the chairs and use rugs and pillows to create the perfect outdoor eating area. Don’t forget the details when it comes to your tablescape! Go all out with tons of flowers and candles!

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Photography by @INDIANDTAN

This corner comes together with the perfect amount of color and texture. Plus, we’re head-over-heels in love with the gorgeous fiddle leaf in the corner. This would be the perfect spot to unwind after a long day at the office.

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Photography by @KELLYGOLIGHTLY

This Palm Springs backyard is #minimalistgoals. From the hedge to the light blue chair hiding in the corner, we could definitely picture ourselves lounging about in this beautiful space.

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Photography by @UNDECORATED_HOME

Spotted: The cutest dining nook. While we’re totally obsessed with these caged chairs, it’s the bench seating that makes this space extra special.

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Photography by @MICHELLE_JANEEN

What’s not to love about this minimalist bedroom? The antique dresser pairs effortlessly with the white barn door to create the perfect rustic look. And that kilim rug peeping out from the hallway? Gorgeous!

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Photography by @HOUSEUPDATED

Did we just find your new favorite kitchen? The answer is yes, yes we did.

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We definitely wouldn’t mind starting our mornings in this area of the house! The design of the kitchen flawlessly matches the decor of the living room. And, can we talk about how obsessed we are with the wooden island countertop? Stunning!

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Photography by @MELODRAMA

This room has the right amount of everything. The perfect amount of color, pattern and texture come together to create a bold room that’s full of style. It’s designs like this that remind us not to be afraid of taking chances when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom.

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The design of this backyard, captured in all its beauty by @mollyrhymer, is the perfect example of how sometimes less really is more. The natural beauty of the desert plants, rocks and dirt are in perfect harmony with the modern white chairs and stunning fire pit.

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Umm, can we please live in this bathroom? Pretty please? It looks like the perfect spot to relax (and sip some wine, tbh).

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This living room is bringing western vibes to the 21st century. The gorgeous leather couch and layered rugs help bring the room together. Not to mention the minute details that help make this living room #SOdomino.

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Photography by @LUVBEC

Something about the mix-and-match metal details in this minimalist kitchen is giving us all the feels. We could definitely sip our daily cup of coffee in this fairytale kitchen.

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Sometimes all you need in life is a picture-perfect, plant filled backyard to make your day a little bit better. Note that we’re head over heels for the designer’s use of vines and string lights to give the entire area a more romantic feel. So cute!

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These bold blue cabinets are utterly exceptional. Plus, they pair beautifully with the geometric tiling and black and white striped accent wall in this uber chic bathroom.

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Photography by @LIZ_KAMARUL

First and foremost, can we talk about how impressive the falling

geometric accent wall

is? And that mix-and-match couch is to die for. We want everything in this expertly styled living room ASAP.

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Photography by @BOHOBYLAUREN

This massive fringe wall art is taking boho to the next level — and we can’t get enough of it!

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Photography by @CITRINELIVING

Sometimes, when your living room design is so on point, you’ve just got to Instagram it twice. The symmetry in this ultra-modern room is a unique (and totally awe-inspiring) look.

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Photography by @HOMEYOHMY

When your room looks this good, it must be hard not to stay in bed all day! Every detail in this bedroom is alluring — but we’re paying extra close attention to that brass pot and industrial lamp.

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Photography by @BECKIOWENS

Let’s talk about how completely spectacular this geometric glass chandelier is. It’s a perfectly modern detail that helps balance out the rustic feel of the white wicker chairs. We’d definitely like to be invited to dinner here!

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Photography by @APARTMENTF15

This balcony has a whole lot of personality in very tiny space. But, it just goes to show that you can make even the tiniest of spaces absolutely gorgeous with a little TLC — or in this case, quite a few plants and pillows.

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If this is what the kitchen looks like, we can’t wait to see the rest of the home! Want to know our favorite part about this kitchen? The stunning wooden stools, of course!

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Photography by @CASAJOSHUATREE

Boho meets minimalism in this #SOdomino photo. We can’t get over how much personality the runner gives the bed — it just goes to show how a little bit of color can completely transform a room.

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