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Who you choose to follow on Instagram is a big deal. It determines who gets to bombard you with photos, day in and day out, after all. Which is why we carefully curated a list of 31 restaurants we love following.


To kick things of, we’re starting with Black Seed Bagels, New York’s favorite non-traditional, Montreal-style bagel shop that now has three locations open throughout the city. Follow for the most appetizing bagel stacks you’ve ever seen.


Follow if you enjoy pretending you take your coffee each morning over a piping hot espresso, pastrie, and morning copy of Le Monde.


You’re either a fan of by CHLOE.’s Instagram feed or you’re not. We are, as it provides a fun, colorful, food-filled break from the usual ‘grams we’re used to seeing. Follow for a stream of photos in full rainbow effect.


We can decide whether we like The Lucky Bee’s decor more during the day or at night. Though just so we’re clear, we’re fans of their food and cocktails no matter the time of day.


The matcha craze continues, and Cha Cha Matcha and their feed make us happy about that fact. Follow for pictures of their IG-worthy drinks, bites, and pale pink and green spaces.


If this photo of this Leek and Funky Cheese Quiche (there’s melted camembert in there!) doesn’t immediately entice you into following Dominique Ansel on Instagram, we’re not sure what will.


It makes sense that the tiny, trendy, Chinatown restaurant has an ultra cool Instagram, as the founders, Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner, are even cooler (if you can believe it). Feel free to use their feed as a loose guide on how to be healthy and have lots of fun.


Though this pink-clad, healthy Italian restaurant isn’t open yet, we have a feeling it’s going to be a good one. Their Instagram feed is doing an excellent job of making us want to be the first in line on opening day.


You can’t visit New York City and not stop by one of four of Maman’s locations for a coffee and treat. Don’t even think about skipping the treat.


You can always rely on ABC Kitchen for stunning food imagery and dishes (and drinks!) of all kinds. Visit the restaurant located just off Union Square once and you’ll understand the allure.


Mimi Cheng’s feed just makes us happy… And hungry for their creatively concocted dumplings.


This rustic, Italian restaurant located in Portland, Oregon, also has a feed full of bright, impressive bites… And lots and lots of homemade pasta.


Because if you’re going to haze yourself with beautiful pictures of pizza everyday, it might as well be the best, most beautiful pizza from Roberta’s.


This Parisian café and bar is as close to the picture of French perfection as it gets. By the looks of their Instagram, they’re created an interior, exterior, and atmosphere full of good food and people.


Better known by its real name, Gracias Madre. Their vegan-organic fare and relaxed California interior begs the question, if you traveled to Los Angeles and didn’t Instagram from the Gracias Madre, did you even go to L.A.?


Their photos make everything look fresh and healthy, even if the latter isn’t the case. Spoiler alert: Everything tastes fresh and delicious, too.


Of course, everyone’s favorite coffee also has an Instagram that makes you wonder why you haven’t simply moved into one of their cafés and vowed to drink only their coffee yet.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Van Leeuwen‘s Ice Cream (and Instagram feed!). Find this artisanal—and sometimes vegan—s’cream in New York City, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles.


Chances are, you’ve seen the interior of Sketch on Instagram before and begrudgingly took notice that it is located in London. What you probably didn’t catch is that it’s not only a restaurant and bar, but also an exhibition space that brings in really cool DJs.


The destination for the sweetest treats in all of New York City naturally has a mouthwatering feed of photos. Follow if you dare.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Instagram gives us an extreme dose of relaxing, chic coffee shop vibes. Even if you’re not in dire need of caffeine, this account will make you want to grab for a cup of coffee.


There’s a reason everyone loves this Lower East Side eatery. It really is THAT good. Follow for funny pictures, food that might inspire you to lick your screen, and happenings around the restaurant.


This 100% vegetarian and non-dairy spot has outposts in both Los Angeles and New York City and posts as many photos of their healthy and enviously dishes as they do their boho-inspired spaces.


Follow if you want to be consistently mad you have an Instagram photo of flaky, incomprehensibly fluffy pastries instead of the real thing… Which we definitely do.


Tacombi‘s Instagram enables you live everyday like you’re on the beach and it’s Taco Tuesday. So yeah, following Tacombi is pretty much a dream come true.


This spot’s aesthetic and moto, “But first, coffee” is basically anything we could ever want from a coffee shop and more. Follow for photos of cool, on-the-go coffee cups that will make any non-West Coasters envious and the real interiors of their five locations that will put an instant smile on your face.


This feed is like if you took photos of our dreams and then added them all to one Instagram account. The food, colors, and spaces are unparalleled.


If brightly colored brunch is your thing, stop reading and start following Jack’s Wife Freda.


It’s easy to see why this vegetarian café now has five SoCal locations. Follow for thoughtful prompts that will no doubt bring a bit of happiness and peace to your day.


This Instagram is so beautiful it might just stop you in your tracks and inspire a last-minute trip to New Orleans, where the Caribbean-inspired restaurant is located.


Get ready to lick your lips, because this feed is delectable in all the right ways. Colonie is a Brooklyn-based, American restaurant and bar that focuses on local and sustainable purveyors and produce. Their photos look like the restaurant focuses on creating the best recipes ever.