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The (iPhone) cameras never stop clicking during the holidays, and after 18 rounds of “Oh, text me that one!” you’re going to get a little annoyed. Eversnap ends the photo sharing madness by creating a central location for your family to collect holiday photos. Each family member can save the ones she wants from the app, where they’ll be ready to post to the social media outlet of her choice.

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Google Docs

You’re already sharing 1000 (no exaggeration) documents with coworkers via Google Docs, but if you’re not using them personally for lists, planning, and staying organized, you’re missing out. Fish the handwritten shopping lists from the bottom of your bag and add them to a Google Doc where you can keep track of what you need, what you’ve got, and every to-do item in between.

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We’re downloading anything that makes holiday travel easier. TheVane offers weather, packing, and even outfit advice based on where you’re traveling for the holiday season. Ensure your bag is well packed, no item is forgotten, and you’re prepped for however Mother Nature plans to celebrate the holidays.

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Splitting Dad’s gift with your siblings? Gift exchange dinner with friends? We’re spending a lot of cash during the holidays, and we’re not always alone when that happens. Split the meals, the rounds of drinks, and the group gifts with your nearest and dearest via Venmo. No one wants to spend the holidays continually visiting the ATM.

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Nextdoor Cheer Map

The need to do something festive strikes everyone–but what exactly is a holiday reveler to do? This app scouts the very best in merriment and displays it based on the neighborhood you’re in. This is a must when visiting family in a town you’re unfamiliar with, or when the fam is simply looking for something new to do this year. The Cheer Map will be live on December 1st!

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…And of course, make TSA lines feel mere moments long by downloading domino Go! Take all of the inspiration, ideas, and domino-approved style with you during holiday travels, and catch up on what you may have missed!